Why Fortnite Accepting Monero (XMR) Privacy Coin is an absolutely confident sign for cryptographic resources

Why Fortnite Accepting Monero (XMR) Privacy Coin is an absolutely confident sign for cryptographic resources

Investors appear to be very optimistic about virtual currencies after Fortnite has started accepting Monero (XMR) in its merch shop. Monero It is one of the so-called privacy coins that allows users to store their private data and information.

Crypto users can now purchase brand merchandising using Monero. Fortnite it was released in 2017 and became popular very quickly. According to a user of Reddit, having Monero as a means of payment in this platform would allow people around the world to find out what a cryptocurrency is if they see the symbol of Monero and start to inform him.

According to one of the most famous cryptographers, Erik Voorhees of ShapeShift, commented on this, saying that within a couple of years, 16-year-old players will know more about cryptocurrencies than Wall Street bankers.

In general, younger generations are not willing to wait long lines in banks to execute slow transactions and pay high commissions for the services they have. The virtual currency market is more independent, modern, faster and cheaper than traditional finance and traditional institutions.

Although cryptocurrencies attract many individuals and investors from around the world, there are some people who still attack space. For example, Nouriel Roubini, one of the most important critics of virtual currencies, defined the Bitcoin scheme in Ponzi.

Enthusiasts of cryptography believe that economists do not focus on the technological aspects of the digital currency world. For example, Warren Buffet did not know how Internet companies would work because he simply did not understand them. This is why these economic experts may not be able to predict how virtual currencies will evolve in the future.

Although Fortnite does not accept Bitcoin, according to Riccardo Spagni, the founder of Monero, the Fortnite team is experimenting with Lightning Network (LN) which is more private than Bitcoin itself.

The Lightning Network is a second-level scaling solution for Bitcoin (BTC) that would allow Bitcoin to scale the network and avoid congestion.

Currently, Monero is the 13th largest digital asset in the market. Each currency can be purchased for $ 50 and has a market capitalization of $ 842 million.

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