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Why does Coinbase ignore Ripple's XRP?

Entering the exclusive Coinbase club is a goal for any serious cryptocurrency. The positive effects of this can not be overlooked; this event is one of those rare in which both the voice and the news cause people to buy. The reasons for this are not exactly unknown, as the US-based exchange is one of the largest and most respected platforms in cryptoverse.

A coin that has been mentioned many times since the next addition of Coinbase is XRP. The voices began in the distant 2017, with the feeling that people, at the moment, 3rd the most important cryptography project on the market is certainly worth quoting on the stock exchange. This item, combined with the general expansion of the market, saw the XRP rise to almost $ 4 USD per currency. The murmur somewhat subsided during the post-January downtrend, but it was only temporary.

BraveNewCoin wrote about this topic in August and its 3 main reasons for this are:

This market is dead right now and people are looking for catalysts, like to list their tokens on Coinbase. The acceptance and ease of access are all in the encrypted world. The easier it is to buy something, the more the demand will increase, which in turn increases the value. Coinbase makes it simple for people not technically able to invest in cryptocurrencies using the fiat. A number of analysts have already speculated that one of the largest exchanges in the world, serving 32 countries, will soon add Ripple.

However, the heavy centralization of its offer and blockchain goes against the requirements of Coinbase and against the decentralized principles of cryptocurrency. Some experts believe it is worth asking if XRP is actually a true cryptocurrency. With all this in mind, one thing is certain: many stars will have to line up before XRP becomes part of Coinbase's all-star line-up.

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