Who won the 25 thousand lire MasterChef award? Name and summary of the final episode of the winner of the MasterChef award on November 10th


The team that won the award in MasterChef was announced after the exciting match. The members of the jury determined the team that prepared the best menu on the night when the favorite dishes of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk were prepared on 10 November. After the team play, one of the contestants who played the individual prize game on the team that made it through the first round won the cash prize of 25,000 TL in the final. While Serhat was the last of the night in the 97th episode of MasterChef on November 10, Ayyüce, Esra and Özgül made it to the final. So who won MasterChef? Here is the name that won the MasterChef award on November 10 and what happened in the last episode.


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