Who is Diego Ruiz the Colombian serial killer from the Meiggs neighborhood in Chile? – Cali, Colombia


Diego Alexander Ruíz Restrepo, is a 30-year-old Colombian who was captured in Chile on the night of Monday, November 9, after being accused of killing eight people in eight days in the Meiggs neighborhood, center of the Chilean capital.

The Colombian is accused of being the murderer of eight people, many of them street inhabitants, whom he approached and attacked with a knife while he was sleeping.

For Belisario Valbuena, a forensic psychologist specializing in profiling and analysis of criminal behavior, Ruíz Restrepo’s behavior is not that common in a serial killer.

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“What strikes me most is how impulsive he is when he commits the murders, that is who has about eight murders in a week is saying that he is someone quite impulsive who has a compulsion with a very specific victimological profileSince they are all street dwellers and there is no discrimination based on sex, ”says Dr Valbuena.

According to the local newspaper La Opinion de Chile, the first murder was recorded at 6:15 am on November 1, when he repeatedly stabbed Carlos Rivas, a Colombian citizen of the Cauca in a street situation, who received several stabs while sleeping, although other versions ensure that it was the product of a fight.

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Then, about 25 minutes later, a police record assures that Ruiz would have done the same with an adult over 64, even while the victim slept. Furthermore, according to the Chilean police, During the early morning of November 8, Ruíz killed five people over a 3-hour period.

He chose the street dwellers because they are people who do not miss a family … many of them cannot even be identified

“I dare to say that he chose the street dwellers because they are people who are not lacking in a family as such, many of them cannot even be identified,” says Dr. Valbuena.

For seven years, Diego Alexander Ruiz Restrepo left for Chile, where he worked in various trades, but most often in construction-related tasks.

The Colombian, then 22, studied at the Carlos Holmes Trujillo school, in municipality 15, in the district of Aguablanca, in the eastern part of Cali.

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Those who knew him in Chile say so Ruíz had a level of conflict and would have been involved in discussions, to the point that it was frequent that he threatened his neighbors with a knife. That behavior would have been something different from what he was known when he lived in Cali.

Alleged Colombian serial killer

Diego Alexander Ruíz Restrepo, a 30 year old from Cali, is allegedly the alleged serial killer of the Diego Meiggs neighborhood in Santiago de Chila.


Video capture of “24 Horas” news from Chile

Relatives of Ruíz Restrepo’s family in Cali assured these media that their family is very popular in their neighborhood and they are known for their Christian faith and their constant help to the community. In fact, they stressed that Ruíz Restrepo was also a Christian, at least before leaving the country.

Based on this information and his criminal record in Chile, where he was involved in thefts, Dr. Valbuena points out that his conduct as a serial killer is atypical and surprising.

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“I am surprised that it has gone from criminal activities such as theft to serial murder and here I have another hypothesis: it seems to obey and above all the impulsiveness of the crimes captures my attention, It is as if he had done what in psychiatry we call an “acting”, that is, a disconnection; and starts killing compulsively“explains the coroner.

This type of mental disorder is not very common, in general serial killers commit murders between the cooling phases, with a certain amount of time

“This type of mental disorder is not very common, serial killers usually commit murders between cooling down phases, with a certain period, one a week, one a month or one every few months,” the doctor added.

In social networks it has been seen that Chilean citizens, shocked by Ruíz’s criminal record, have said so it would be “a pity” for the accused and his lawyer to prepare a defense strategy based on a psychological problem by Ruíz, which could make him non-chargeable.

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On this, the doctor is very premature to consider him flawless, but believes the Chilean authorities should carry out a psychiatric examination to identify if Ruíz has been acting under a mental disorder.

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