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Who are the known Bitcoin whales? 5 famous whales in the cryptocurrency space

Both feared and amazed in equal measure, just like the marine mammals with which they share a homonym, the Bitcoin whales move around this space causing ripples at every corner. Who are the Bitcoin whales known in the cryptocurrency space?

Many of them are anonymous traders, exchanges and hedge funds, identifiable only by public address, however, there are some who openly declare themselves and their holdings.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the known Bitcoin whales …

Satoshi Nakamoto:

Which Bitcoin (BTC) list would be complete without mentioning the same enigma (itself, themselves?). Satoshi created Bitcoin in 2008, and the rest is history, since one of Nakamoto's well-known addresses, nicknamed, the Genesis address, has seen little or no activity, in addition to some seemingly grateful donors of different amount of BTC.

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It is said that the alchemist of digital gold is owned by about 1 million BTC (a figure that varies depending on who you ask) for a USD equivalent of $ 4 billion; although this is probably not all stored in one place, as Nakamoto is thought to have more addresses.

It is assumed that Satoshi is the biggest holder of BTC in the world. AKA is the largest marine mammal known to man: The Blue Whale. Fitting.

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The twins of Winklevoss:

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss fell out of favor with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, citing it in 2004 for rights on the site; the compensation earned them $ 20 million and Facebook shares. With this newly acquired money, Winklevoss invested in numerous initiatives, one of which was Bitcoin. In 2013 the twins invested $ 11 million reported in BTC at a price of $ 120 per coin equivalent to about 92,000 BTC at a current price of 368 million dollars. Not bad.

Reportedly, Winklevoss have a new way to conserve their fortune by choosing to distribute their private key snippets through multiple safes in the United States; bringing HODL to a new level …

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The United States Government:

Well, of course, Uncle Sam has his fingers in the cake …

It is estimated that the federal government has accumulated more than the majority of the digital currency of the population, with the sole fact that the FBI has seized 144,000 BTC. most of it was appropriate when the agency closed the infamous Silk Road – a darknet market for every type of nefarious merchandise.

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At the time of the seizure, the US government would have been the holder of one of the largest BTC portfolios in the world. Apparently, Uncle Sam is not a great HODLer who subsequently auctioned the silk booty for only $ 48 million. This amount would have been close to $ 580 million in today's prices. I should not have had such weak hands … I wonder who bought them?

Barry Silbert:

One of the first to adopt BTC, Silbert is one of the largest known investors in the world, beating even the Winklevoss twins with his monstrous investment of $ 16.8 million. Silbert was the man responsible for the purchase of the BTC confiscated by the sellers during the arrest of Silk Road. The angel investor bought the BTC when it was only $ 350 (criminally cheap). Silbert's stake is now worth almost $ 192 million. Whether this whale contains this BTC or not is another question …

Tim Draper:

In a recent interview with The Street, Draper, the notorious bitcoin evangelist, and venture capitalist described how he started in space mining BTC, keeping his stash secure in what he considered a reputable exchange:

"We started mining and we got a bit of Bitcoin and we entered it in this very safe exchange called Mt. Gox. So that money disappeared and then I thought," Too bad. "

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Draper has slowly rebuilt his portfolio by accumulating BTC incrementally, until he has gone full on an auction, you guessed it, the same auction Silbert bought his share of BTC. Draper's offer focused on several lots, accumulating around 40,000 BTCs.

Currently, BTC, which probably still owns Draper, a known HODLer, is worth $ 160 million. Make Draper one of our most famous whales and harmless enough.

Whale portfolios

Although not an individual or entity known as the rest of our list, the following are some of the most important additions that we could not rule out …

1M8s2S5bgAzSSzVTeL7zruvMPLvzSkEAuv (AKA the biggest BTC transaction in history):

This address was the recipient of 500,000 BTC in 2011, a record breaker that is now cited as the biggest BTC transfer in history. At current prices, it would be worth a whopping $ 1.5 billion of earth.

The infamous Bitcoin Bearwhale AKA (159SCycgn8weAy2XGUEhD6V1RTFni7E3iq):

In 2014 one of the most important events in the crypto history occurred, a transfer of 30,000 BTC from the above mentioned address was sent to the Bitstamp exchange and immediately liquidated at $ 300, $ 50 below the market price at moment.

"I could have gotten a better price if I had spent more time managing the order, I suppose," the bear-whale told a Bitcoin Subtractit.

This type of transaction is what everyone is afraid of whales. The purpose of manipulating the market to these huge quantities is too broad, the market was destined to slip and there was nothing anyone could do about it …

But it did not have to be, the crypt community gathered behind the market and killed the bear whale in the most triumphant manifestation of unity that the nascent space has ever seen. Fortunately for you, the spectacular event was captured on video:

Kill the Bear Whale by Dan Held on Vimeo.

This completes our list of known Bitcoin whales. Research has shown that krypts whales have a much lower impact on the market than was estimated for the first time. Furthermore, it is said that the beasts are beneficial to the crypto ecosystem. However, there are some with intentions that are nothing but altruists. So remember, the devil you know is better.

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