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Who are the great sponsors of Iohannis? Information on the bombs behind the background of Romanian diplomacy. Latest news

"The mysteries of Dancila's visit to Israel

Prime Minister Dăncilă's visit to Jerusalem, just back from Strasbourg, where he presented dignity to a relatively hostile European Parliament, intrigued the priorities of the Romanian Council Presidency of the EU. This is all the more true in that both the preparation of the event and its purposes were (and remain) shrouded in mystery.

The paroxysmal irritation of this Victoria Palace chess movement perfectly transpires from Victor Ponta's delicate reaction of Victor Ponta, the "crazy king of Cotroceni", who asked, who was standing to read his Facebook message in the The corner of the "speakers" (the corner of non-auditors), that the CSAT and the Parliament should prohibit the external visits of Viorica Dăncilă because, in the absence of English, she nodded approval when her Israeli counterpart expressed lack of respect for the EU. The magnitude of this irritation, amplified hysterically by Klaus Iohannis's ventral, indicates the importance of the visit of the Jerusalem government almost at the same time as the President of Romania's trip to Aachen to witness as a witness to the delinquents of the European benefactors at the Franco wedding. Germans Europe will be born with more speed.

Mrs Dăncilă's enigmatic visit, accompanied by a tiny delegation, arrives – it is important to note – after another enigmatic visit. The Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale in Bucharest on the day of the official change of presidency of the Council of the EU in Romania. Including the purpose of that visit, which included, at the last moment, an inopportune and unnecessarily constitutional unnecessary meeting with President Iohannis, premeditated by a stopover in Cluj for talks with unidentifiable characters, generically defined "political directors of 39; UE ", remains mysterious. I would dare to make the assumption that there is a connection between the two. One explains the other.

We begin by analyzing the release of Undersecretary Hale.

The very day he left Washington in Romania (January 8, 2019), the State Department's press office published the contents of his mandate, with an almost unusual touch and almost ostentatious transparency. Therefore, the mission is aimed at presenting the priorities of the United States in relation to the EU, the US administration that intends to capitalize on its strategic partnership with the new President of the EU Council, Romania, in order to achieving its Euro-Atlantic objectives: 1. Strengthening transatlantic cooperation – to which the initiates have identified President Trump's desire that, on the one hand, relations with European allies should be based primarily on the sovereignty of EU members , with the greatest reduction of community influence, and from the other, that the transatlantic strategic unit should be maintained, the joint security system is guided from the point of view of the US geopolitics as the main contributor to the defense effort; 2. The development of trade relations – with reference to the repeated requests made by the head of the US administration to the European partners to equate the mechanisms of exchange, which, in his opinion, for decades, combining European protectionism with American liberalism have the American economy, the de-industrialized America, have fallen from their working masses and have weakened their middle class; 3. Defense of energy security in Europe – a project that opposes, by involving US suppliers of liquefied gas, the danger of the Russian-German domination of the European Union following the monopolization of its sources and the distribution of energy to the advantage Moscow and Berlin, foreshadowing a broader Eurasian strategic alliance. It is clear that Washington and Bucharest must coordinate closely to achieve these goals.

However, the mission of Undersecretary Hale in Bucharest has practically failed, being intercepted and diverted by the American embassy and agents of Washington's global neo-conservative circles hostile to President Trump's new national policy. So, from an attempt to coordinate the Romanian-American cooperation in the EU, Hale's dipolymatic action has been cannibalized by forcibly reintroducing the now compromised issue of saving the "rule of law" and, consequently, replacing the projected struggles of the Romanians and the Americans against the Franco-German Eurocrake, with the return of America to the internal political struggle in Romania.

It could be noted that the Romanian-American strategic partnership does not have a normal operational auspice in terms of the involvement of an American embassy led by the Hans Klemm team and its neoconservative patrons (as well as the Romanian embassy in Washington, led by the SRI / FBI ambassador "George Maior"), the consistent sabotage of President Klaus Iohannis and the strict supervision exercised by the Berlin agencies, directly or indirectly through the axes of the ax in Romania and the bureaucracy in Brussels . The search for a secure communication channel between Washington and Bucharest is in the logic of this discovery.

With regard to the objectives of Prime Minister Dăncilă's visit to Jerusalem, they were formulated precisely and concisely in the greeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu, pronounced with a voice strong enough to be heard, recorded and put into circulation. There is an excellent relationship between the two governments – which is logical because both countries are strategic partners of the United States and, it is not true, my partner is my partner – and that is why Israel expects the Romanian Council presidency of the EU the end of anti-Israel attitudes that have become a commonplace in European discourse and politics. In this context, the decision to transfer the embassy of Romania to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is also expected. Movement against President Iohannis and his German sponsors. Simple and clear

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