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WHIRL crowdfunding platform aims at social reforms using blockchain technology

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A team of non-profit veterans, blockchain and crowdfunding has launched WHIRL, which is a social-driven crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology. The team includes names such as Martijn Hekman (NGO, United Nations), Roel Wolfert (Transtrack International, Bancor Foundation, Liqwith), Valery Zobov (MegaLine) and Anti Danilevski (KICKICO).

What is WHIRL?

WHIRL has developed a revolutionary incentive system to encourage and maximize the success of the campaign. Supported by a team of 20 people and a vast network of companies, it is the first credible consumer crowdfunding platform based on the blockchain of the market.

One of its co-founders Roel Wolfert is a pioneer of digital payments, a founding member of Liqwith, the first consultant of Bancor, former senior vice president of VISA and Martijn Hekman. Furthermore, it has a history of large-scale humanitarian aid efforts in 15 countries for World Vision, the United Nations and several NGOs.

Simplifying crowdfunding

As a solution to crowdfunding issues such as oversaturation, fraud and a fall in the success rate, WHIRL lists a limited number of campaigns at the same time and encourages supporters with a system of fair and transparent points, called Karma. For every equivalent dollar spends a campaign or a cause, you earn about 7-20 Karma points. You have to reach the Karma threshold to create your own campaign. In addition, your Karma balance determines when the campaign will be published and how much it can increase.

In addition, WHIRL supports 12 different cryptocurrencies and is also working to accept the fiat currency. And blockchain technology makes it a truly global platform that allows anyone to participate regardless of location or banking status.

Make the difference

WHIRL facilitates the campaigns of individuals in areas such as art, education, health care, science and travel. It also works with leading non-profit organizations to improve their exposure and give them access to new capital.

With three live campaigns, WHIRL is starting to fund an art and music show by the acclaimed and provocative artist, Sandra Kowalski. The second is to finance a personal expedition to conquer Kilimanjaro. And the third is to fund a unique fantasy video game that lets you shake your phone like a magic wand.

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