Which Panasonic device recovers lost wireless headphones in Japan


Which Panasonic device recovers lost wireless headphones in Japan

The loss of an expensive pair of wireless headphones on subway or train tracks has become an increasingly common problem, but the Japanese company Panasonic has a device to retrieve them on its own.

Working with Japan’s JR East railroad group, Japan’s Panasonic claimed to have developed a wireless suction device capable of catching lost wireless headphones, according to Yahoo Japan, as originally noted by The Verge.

According to the Japanese news agency JiJi, railway authorities typically use a mechanical collection device to collect lost items, such as shoes or various devices.

However, the lost wireless headphones on themselves are so small that they can mix with the gravel and become almost impossible to pick up. But Panasonic’s new suction device uses tubes that can suck wireless headphones from confined spaces, holding them at the end of the tubes without drawing them into the body of the Panasonic suction device.

Japan’s JR East Railway Group said it had 950 wireless earphone accidents at 78 stations between July and September. These have to be picked up after the last trains of the day, which is a “heavy” task without that Panasonic device, according to employees.

This lost headphone trend isn’t limited to Japan. It is also common in the United States, especially in New York, where commuters have the most diverse reactions to the loss of these devices. “It happens all the time,” a New York MTA employee told NT Post.

“Just last week I had to stop an individual from coming down to recover.” What do you think of this way of the Japanese company Panasonic to recover lost wireless headphones?

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