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Which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

Bitcoin has become one of the most profitable investments for 2018 compared to other financial instruments. However, a large number of various cryptocurrencies have lost up to 95% of their maximum value for the whole year. The situation on the digital goods market seems quite deplorable. However, many investors see positive aspects and are looking for an opportunity to find out what to invest in 2019 to make a good profit.

In recent months, the list of coins with the highest score has undergone some changes. The attractiveness of the investment of some of the currencies has diminished considerably, while others have succeeded. At the start of 2018, some seemingly enticing projects at the height of a crypto advertising collapsed in the following months and some new operators entered the market to take their place. How to understand the market trends? What to invest in 2019? Bitnewstoday has asked the cryptic market experts for advice.

Which cryptocurrency to buy in 2019: the great trio

The first cryptocurrency is still in the highlights: it seems that everyone wants to give a prediction for the price of Bitcoin in 2019, some people create hype around this. Despite the lasting decline of 2018, Bitcoin still holds a 52.5% stake in the total market value of the cryptocurrency.

"If SEC approves Bakkt's futures and, perhaps, SolidX and VanEck – this will be the first signal for the start of the bull run Bitcoin is largely the epicenter of all events, not others. cryptocurrency, so I assume it would be logical to work with this resource " He says Tachat IGITYAN from DeStream.io. He is also an active supporter of Ethereum: "Following the future of bitcoins, we can see similar ones for Ethereum, but it's a matter of several years, so taking this into account, the investment in BTC and ETH is a good step forward."

Ethereum is quite controversial. However, it remains the most popular platform for ICOs, but in this field there is some turbulence: the ICOs have compromised in 2018, becoming a probable reason for a decline in the ETH price and the consequent loss second place in the rating. However, the market is waiting for a new development round, this time it's all about STO, so Ethereum could return to the race. ICOadm.in specialists predict a positive trend regarding the growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Second Vladislav PETROV from ICOadm.in, the bifurcation point is exceeded and a negative trend inversion is soon: "Ethereum seems like a promising option for investment, because it has great potential for growth from a technical standpoint, it is well known and many technologies are based on it."

Max UPERYAKA from the SWIDOM agency you bet on Ethereum: "I would suggest continuing to invest in ETH. Last year was the year the competitors appeared, but now we see that nothing else but ETH works. serious, in any case, are built on Ethereum.All improvements planned for 2019 show that it will only improve for the activities for which it was originally invented. "

Naeem ASLAM, market analyst and editor of Forbes, believes in Ripple's success, because "Their continuous integration in the sector and the ability to bring people from different parts of the industry closer together". According to the analyst, Ripple's agenda is to check all the boxes from the regulatory point of view and "if it works, the XRP could really explode in 2019". His opinion is supported by Leonid MATVEEV, the head of the Waves analysis department: "There is some sense in investing in projects that tend to merge traditional and cryptic industries, Ripple is a blockchain-based payment system, not just a cryptocurrency, it is supported by international banks and financial institutions, including the UniCredit group. . " Meanwhile, Waves' cryptocurrency has shown solid growth in the last few months of 2018. The company has released platform updates and has attracted international investments of $ 120 million to develop the private blockchain called Vostok.

Both Ripple and Ethereum have their advantages, so when you think about what to invest in 2019, you should remember that the fight for second place in the ranking is all but over. Probably, the next few months would be a real test for both projects.

Which cryptocurrency to invest in 2019: is it worth it?

Speaking of altcoin it is necessary to note that only those based on a real project and a work group will continue to live and develop. Furthermore, a project should be required by the market, he says Dmitry NIKIFOROV, CEO of Quppy. He believes that the clamor around altcoins will reduce: "There are about 90% based on hype projects and their time is running out." During the year 2019, the large number of altcoins will go away.The market will be cleaned up by unneeded projects and abundant abundance. real projects that are clear on the market will develop much faster. "As for the remaining altcoins, their price will repeat the dynamics of bitcoins".

"It is a good move to invest in other cryptocurrencies to diversify – there is a possibility that at least one of them will rise, and much faster than the general trend develops." To answer the question, which encryption to invest in 2019, I would recommend Amoveo This is a forecasting project, just like Augur, but much more promising and developing, " Comments Victor ARGONOV, an EXANTE analyst.

Crypto investor Oleg CHEBOTAREV recommends investing in those alternative models that already have a distinctive model and a goal, which are tested over time and placed in a certain niche: "DCT is a currency of the infrastructure and there is another token, like AMP, which is the native currency of a popular WildSpark app, where creators of video content are paid by users with the tokens mentioned. These cryptocurrencies are not well known, but they will not disappear, as they perform a specific function and are accepted by the users.A good choice if you choose which cryptographic currency to buy in 2019. "

Tachat IGITYAN also recommends paying attention to Monero, the cryptocurrency that offers people the opportunity to conduct completely anonymous transactions. According to Tachat, Monero, unlike other anonymous cryptocurrencies (Verge, Dash, Zcash), is technologically more advanced and offers the best level of anonymity. Maxim UPERYAKA is positive about the MakerDAO project, calling it "fundamental".

In summing up what cryptocurrency buy in 2019, several conclusions can be made:

  • It seems obvious, but Bitcoin will retain its leadership.
  • Big projects will compete for a place in TOP-10, creating technological innovations and signing new partnerships.

  • Up to 90% of Altcoins will fall into oblivion, but the rest will gain strength and increase the value thanks to the functioning products.

Disclaimer: The article is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee a return on investment. Readers invest at their own risk. The authors and publishers of Bitnewstoday are not responsible for the actions of the readers.

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