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Where will Blockchain go in 2019?

2018 had highs and lows (mostly low) for the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin has lost most of its value in contrast to its peak in December 2017 and the market has been declining since the second quarter of this year.

However, this year the artificial intelligence has been thrown into the mainstream and this year the blockchain was launched to provide a solution to the problems of the globes, but still remains a question …

What does the future hold?

A company that has extensive knowledge when it comes to networks, analysis, data, storage and so on, Rocket Software has given its reflections and forecasts for the technology in 2019. The company has predicted several things that will take place in 2019 and we're going to give you a look at some of their expectations.


One of the things that Rocket software has predicted is that Legacy systems will receive an update.

Out with the old and the new one is thrown a lot today and in some cases, it does not always apply, but many companies still rely on the old legacy systems that are kept together by heavy maintenance costs on the mainframe. So maybe with the new one is a good thing?

Legacy systems will not end next year, but Rocket Software believes it will be the start of true legacy innovation.


Blockchain has been dubbed the solution to everything from Brexit to counterfeiting and even to the drop in revenue that the music industry has seen. If we look at the price of Bitcoin nearly a year after its peak of nearly $ 20,000, then we can probably sum up that the clamor of the blockchain is becoming extinct, just like the main currency and the rest of the cryptographic markets.

Blockchain may not be the solution for Brexit but, as the company says, in 2019, companies may begin to see the full potential it holds with technology that facilitates billing, payments, transactions and so on.


The Internet is all around us and can even be implemented in the walls of our homes (just take a look at the Amazon Echo). Our clocks and kitchen utensils can be connected to the Internet with other products that should be released in 2019. Simply look up to cryptographic projects like IOTA to really see IoT as a real-life work project.

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