When the recovery of the price of Tron is going to sign?


Every billion dollar company has two main priorities: getting more attention from customers and getting more data on customers. The problem is that the online and offline world are currently very fragmented and there is no strong solution to link them.

This absence of full integration is what creates the opportunity for a blockchain company like Walton Chain to enter and capitalize. The word "ecosystem" can be used too often, but it's done like that for a good reason: connection is everything. The power of the Internet is in its ability to connect large areas of people around the world. It is reasonable to think that if a company could create "a perfect commercial ecosystem" to connect the real world and the blockchain, it would change the world again.

Walton Chain as the next evolution

Since the advent of futuristic TV shows like the Jetsons, we have waited for the time when that intelligent object would enter our homes. These devices should be connected to the Internet and use the sensors to collect data on their environment and use. Ideally, this could create a perfect feedback loop for companies to modify their products based on customer needs.

Depending on location, time, temperature, humidity and all that can be extrapolated from such data, the safety and value of products could be greatly improved. Supply chain management could turn into a bidirectional adaptation cycle.

Customers would benefit from a better product and greater knowledge of the manufacturers who manufacture it. Suppliers would learn more about consumers and what they want. Essentially, the use of a commercial network for Internet of Things (IoT) devices would increase consumer surplus.

Walton Chain refers to their business ecosystem as Value Internet of Things (VIoT), which will follow a 4-step development plan while the infrastructure is implemented.

Current State of Walton Chain

At present, Walton Chain is going through a very strong period. They are close to implementing their solution in China and have accumulated a strong list of partnerships including: Alibaba, Accenture, China Mobile IoT Alliance, China Telecom, Korean IoT Research Center, Mobius, Morpheus Network, Skynovo, with others on the way.

Only in 2018, they unveiled a new wallet (Android was released and iOS should be released soon), in addition to starting their token exchange. Above all, they have continued to invest in low-cost RFID technology, and the price has dropped to almost $ 0.05 per chip. At the start of this year, it was announced that they had applied for over 20 patents with others on the way.

In addition, Walton Chain is facing downsizing problems at this time, which is why they are making an ERC-20 token exchange token while ensuring that the miners are engaged in the main network. This has caused a sharp slowdown in prices, but investors seem to regain confidence once again.

Performance of the WTC

The token for Walton Chain, Walton Coin, is used to maintain the network and create child chains for each device. This is the root of the demand for money, and the demand is expected to increase only when the network expands.

Walton Coin had a rocky start this year when there was a marketing gaffe regarding a giveaway token, but the market tends to forget these little things. Now the price is currently around $ 5.17. This increased by 23.3% in the last week and by 36.9% in the last 30 days, which indicates an enormous amount of momentum.

This is an ambitious project and much of the current success can be attributed to the clamor surrounding partnerships. However, with Walton Chain planning for the opening of its unmanned retail store in the near future, as well as the expansion in several sectors at the same time (smart cities, agriculture, energy, etc.) the market could see a long lasting positive result for the company. Compared to the previously mentioned VeChain, Walton Chain is much closer to its goal, which is also a factor in recent price performance.

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