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Whatsapp limits the forwarding of messages

In the fight against the propagation of false news Whatsapp limits the forwarding of messages. With the latest versions of Whatsapp, a message can be forwarded to five recipients.

If you want to forward a message in the future via Whatsapp, you have to choose exactly your contacts. Because with the next update of the app, the number will be limited to five people.

As announced today by the Facebook branch, Whatsapp focuses on the private exchange of messages with "close contacts". So far, a message has been forwarded up to 20 times.

In India since July

Whatsapp introduced this restriction in India as early as July. The Indian government had put pressure on the messaging service after the mafia had lynched more than 20 people accused of abducting minors or other crimes. The charges had been spread, among others, Whatsapp.

Whatsapp was founded in 2009 and purchased by Facebook in 2014. The messaging service is used by companies around the world of 1.5 billion people who send 65 billion messages a day. (DPS)

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