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Do you want to have the red letters of Whatsapp right now? So this is the trick you should try. Nowadays, the fast messaging application has not only been updated but also adds more features such as the ability to make calls and video calls via the computer.

Nowadays, Whatsapp It has millions of downloads, and thanks to its easy distribution of features, it has become a favorite when it comes to chatting or sending a variety of multimedia content such as GIFs, photos, videos, emojis, animated stickers, among others.

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However, there’s a new trick you can learn right now: it’s the ability to change some app letters to pink. Can you imagine? Well, we’ll teach you.

For this you need to download the Fancy Text application, an app that allows you to edit the letters of Whatsapp In a simple way. It obviously won’t ask for permissions to access your information, so it’s totally safe.

  • The first thing to do is to open Fancy text
  • When you load the app, you will see a series of fonts or fonts that you can share on WhatsApp.
  • Choose the one with the red squares and click on it.
For this you need to install a third party application to get the red letters.  (Photo: MAG)
For this you need to install a third party application to get the red letters. (Photo: MAG)
  • There you write the text you want to send to the other person.
  • When you’re done, copy and paste it into the conversation of Whatsapp.

It should be noted that not all the letters will be in red, most of them are in black squares, so it is an approximation.

The 7 best tricks for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the few applications that cares about the experience of its users when they immerse themselves in its app, so they update themselves frequently, making communication between people more practical and simple. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of the popular application.

The creators of WhatsApp have developed various tools so that their users can easily navigate the application. This, however, is unknown to a large part of the population, it is for this reason that the same company has shared on its blog, a list of the best tricks developed by the app.

1. Hands-free voice notes: By simply pressing and holding the microphone icon and swiping up, you can lock the voice memo function to record, without having to hold the mobile phone with your hands. An option that surprisingly works!

2. Mark the main messages: To get this option you need to use the “star” message function, where you will mark key messages that you will easily see in a central location. All you have to do is press the message you want to save as a favorite and then tap the “star” icon.

If your device is an iPhone, you can find all special messages by going to Settings and Special messages or by selecting the chat name and tapping “Special messages”. In the case of Android users, they will have to press “More options” and then “Special messages”.

3. Check your messages without touching your mobile: If what you want is to be able to control WhatsApp without having to use your mobile device, what you need to do is download the WhatsApp web desktop app, which will project your mobile phone conversations onto a computer. So you can send messages, photos and GIFs without having to have your computer in your hands.

4. Use stickers in conversations: Emojis are becoming a thing of the past, today stickers offer you a more fun way to express yourself. You can find them in the field where text is entered in a conversation, in a small square icon with a folded side page, where you can also add your own stickers and bitmojis.

5. Read messages without being online: The option to hide “read receipts” is not the best option if you want the other person not to realize that you have read their message. That’s why lifting the message on the screen slightly and opening the full text on the iPhone lock screen is the best option to go unnoticed.


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