What's happening with the development of Litecoin?


Many observers have questioned the technological progress of Litecoin, since no updates have been published on the Github page of the network in the last four months. Unlike most of the remaining 10, the seventh largest cryptocurrency has not seen development activity since the last major announcement in April.

April was the month in which Litecoin worked with Coinbase on its turn-by-turn debit card, which allows users to pay for things directly from their cryptocurrency portfolios, anywhere in the US that accept Visa. Since then, the development of the code seems to have completely stopped.

Some have suggested that the team behind Litecoin could have taken the current bear market as an excuse to sit down and cash in on the profits they had earned at the start of the year.

Responding to these accusations, other observers insisted that Github's data do not tell the whole story. The fact that the main source code has not been publicly updated recently does not mean that the work is not happening behind the scenes, to improve Litecoin's blockchain.

Any doubt should be clarified at the next Litecoin Summit, which is the first ever Litecoin event of its kind. The September summit will be hosted in San Francisco by the Litecoin Foundation and should be an opportunity for the Litecoin community to be reassured about the progress of the crypt, which is one of the oldest on the market.

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