What you should pay attention to when visiting the supermarket


Not everyone wears the mask correctly on the market

Everyone has to do the shopping, that’s clear. But despite all caution, supermarkets can get crowded if not everyone involved is alert. And one or the other is not too careful with the masks and distributes their aerosols, which can be contaminated with corona virus, on the unprotected nose in the room. Masks help, but they don’t offer one hundred percent protection. What could be more obvious than shopping when very few people stock up on groceries? What is the best time to shop at the grocery store right now and what should you keep in mind in general?

In the course of the partial crown lock: hamsters have risen again

In November, many things are the same as in the first phase of the coronavirus epidemic: contacts must be restricted, restaurants and pubs close, events are canceled. People’s buying behavior has also changed again since the beginning of the month, although not to the same extent as the first stage of contact restrictions. “Many people now do their weekly shopping in a supermarket and avoid going to other markets,” says Christian Böttcher, press spokesperson for the German Federal Food Trade Association (BVLH). Purchases of long-life food and hygiene products have also increased rapidly again. “People in Germany have developed a sense of reality for the situation.”

Tuesdays at 11 are the most empty

“As a rule, little happens in supermarkets early in the morning and late at night,” says Böttcher. “Late Tuesday mornings around 11 am is the time when the lowest sales are made and Wednesday is also a pretty quiet day.” So, if you want to avoid other people while shopping, you should avoid these hours if you can. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are perfect for students and retirees. Employees who want to shop in the morning should consider that refrigerated products must remain fresh. And if you’re aiming for the late evening, you have to contend with the fact that the Ost range of food, vegetables and salads may not be as generous anymore. The lonely and simple self-employed workers still have it easier, even if they have to suffer most from the Corona crisis.

Consequently, you should avoid late lunchtime or early afternoon, the time after work and of course Saturdays, as this is where most people can still divide their time as freely as possible. Böttcher explains that people have definitely changed their behavior regarding shopping hours since the outbreak of the Corona crisis – but not so much that everything has been redistributed in such a way that the classic marginal, disconnected and quiet times no longer exist.

With these tips you can buy corona-safe

The number of infections is high, so high that meeting with an infected person has become very likely. With these eight sizes, your purchase will also remain safe for the crown!

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