What XRP, Bitcoin Cash and TRON TRX have in common this week


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Often it is difficult to keep up with the titles of the encrypted news, given that on a given day we literally see hundreds of news published on the Internet. However, it is very easy to identify trends as a result of this pure volume. What you could have seen in the last week is very positive news on Bitcoin Cash, XRP and TRON. So when you ask what they have in common BCH, XRP and TRX this week, let's say – everyone made headlines with important titles this week.

As you should know, cryptographic news has an impact on the markets (again, this is the result of the huge amount of news) so when good news comes out, what we tend to see are the respective cryptocurrencies that start to increase by price. This is because, when positive news emerges, investors start pumping more money into the encrypted as a result of FOMO, fear of losing. Everyone knows that good news encourages the price to rise so to the publication of positive news, a perfect buying opportunity tends to present itself.

Now, remember that even with this in mind, markets are still very volatile and that even when prices start to rise, markets are still at risk of falling. We can never predict what will happen in the markets so, therefore, always do your research before choosing to invest.

Because Bitcoin Cash has seen an increase in flash

Bitcoin Cash flew this week, bringing a lot of value and making a lot of investors a little more optimistic about the future of their investment. Now, of course, Bitcoin Cash is not back on track towards the $ 2,000.00 target, but upward movements can only be good news, right?

"Since November 1, Bitcoin Cash has rallied 45% thanks to Binance and Coinbase, two major digital currency exchanges, which announced their support for their next Bitcoin Cash forks on November 15. On its website, Coinbase announced that "in the unlikely event that several vital chains continue to follow the fork, Coinbase will ensure that customers have access to their funds on each chain. When a difficult fork occurs, holders of the forked digital currency can get both coins. But if cryptographic holdings are deposited in an exchange, then the exchange will have to adopt both protocols to allow users to migrate both coins. "

Bitcoin Cash started flying due to a pending difficult fork, which will see a huge upgrade in the Bitcoin Cash network. The reason Bitcoin Cash came out is simply due to speculation and excitement, some even believe that Bitcoin Cash will enter a massive bull run once the hard hit has taken place. Remember, do not let this be the only reason to invest in Bitcoin Cash. A hard fork is a risky move, which could pose problems later on, though, as Bitcoin ABC handles these hard forks twice a year, we are quite confident that they know what they are doing.

What happened to XRP this week?

The XRP also saw positive moves this week due to some break-up of the stock both inside and around Ripple. XRP seems to be particularly sensitive to news recently. Remember how XRP has increased more than 100% with news from a pending xRapid launch date? It is a volatile cryptocurrency, which is finally making significant progress after what seems to have been a rather quiet year.

"The XRP is once again making headlines and this time talking about its price and a prominent place on the market Recently, there have been many rumors about the short- and long-term future of popular cryptocurrency. positive news, given that the crypt marked an important list of exchanges, eventually something had to happen.At the beginning of the week, the news was leaked that XRP would be supported by Wirex as used for an option on Apple Pay. "

To continue…

"With news like this emerging, the market has been destined to have a slight rumble and, given the progress in adoption, the crypt has done in recent weeks." Overall, the news turned out to be the catalyst that launched the slight rush upward.The upscale saw the token gain over 18%, which led to the $ 0.5 region and consolidate a new support level to $ 0.53 – $ 0.54. , many traders expect this price to rise further to the stars and there are some analysts who put the last XRP point at $ 10- $ 15 by the end of this year! "

Transaction fees are a good omen for TRON

Unlike XRP and Bitcoin Cash, TRONs TRX did not make a short bull run this week and therefore, we did not see TRX generate a significant amount of value, showing that good news does not always mean a high price!

Even so, TRX has been the target of many headlines this week, further improving the vision of this ever-increasing cryptocurrency. This week it was revealed that TRON now regularly resists more than 1 million transactions a day. One of the main problems of Ethereum's blockchain (the chain on which TRON was built) is scalability, Ethereum can handle only so much traffic at a time.

One of the main reasons why TRON has migrated on the main TRON network (its blockchain) is that TRON wanted to solve the scalability problems of Ethereum, TRON wants to be able to manage more daily transactions than any other blockchain, indeed, considering the recent news seems that TRON has finally made this dream a reality.

"With this new daily transaction throughput, it suggests that the TRON developers will have to extend this trend for as long as possible – unlike other projects, it seems that the network has room for more growth in the future. lows to an average of $ 0.02 while the current Bitcoin commission is more than the $ 0.4 region while that of Ethereum is around $ 0.19. "

All in all, we had a good week. Investors feel a little more optimistic and the next few weeks are becoming a little bit. more promising. Bitcoin Cash, XRP and TRON TRX pass next week very positively behind them, we can not wait to see what happens next!

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