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What would you like to buy when Electroneum (ETN) reaches a dollar?


Electroneum is a very interesting blockchain project that places most of its emphasis on micropayment and mobility. Mobility is a core value for Electroneum that its token (called ETN) is extracted using an app that you can install on your phone or tablet. It's so simple and it does not take much energy with the battery. Actually, if you install it, you'll barely notice the difference.

It is a very young project that does not receive much attention. The token is worth $ 0.0164, and is ranked 53rd by market capitalization. So, it's not that impressive, right? Mistaken. It has many promises and that is why we are writing a complete article about it.

Let's say you start extracting the ETN token and hold it for a while until you reach $ 1.00 USD (which is about 59 times higher than it is at the moment). What would you like to buy with it? And what can you do so that the token actually reaches that value?

Well, when it reaches that price, adoption will be widespread and you can buy anything you want using the Electroneum (ETN) stored on your mobile phone. Do you want to pay for beer, cigarettes or your shopping? Do you want to buy a house or a nice car? It is likely that you will be able to do it in two years.

Now the question is: how do we get there?

For ETN, as with any other cryptocurrency in the world, the increase in value will come from mass adoption. It will be adoption and utility that will change the market. It will be the true economic value that will drive the price of each token instead of the speculative pressure, which has been the main force of the market to date.

Can you help with mass adoption, did you know? Such as? Well, first of all, take a little bit of ETN. You do not have to buy them; you only need to extract some of them in your tablet or mobile phone.

After getting some ETN tokens, the next thing you do is, simply, identify the places that are taking them as a means of payment and spend them.

If you are willing to keep your Electroneum token (ETN) for the next two years, we can not criticize it, of course. At that point they will be much more valuable than they are now, but using the coins will make them useful, increasing the demand, increasing the volume of exchanges and attracting attention to the token. In other words: spending your ETNs will make them more valuable in the long run.

Remember that this is not a cryptocurrency like Ripple's XRP, which should never have been useful at the retail level (but are correcting this error). The ETN should be useful for everyday payments from the beginning.

Of course, Electroneum is not yet accepted by many companies in the world. But the more it is used, the more cryptic-skeptics will read the writing on the wall and begin to accept it as a means of payment.

So, mine. So keep it if you want, or use it. But this is a project whose value will be based on their users, not on the foreign exchange market.

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