What would be hiding behind Pablo Cortacero: “They checked and saw this!” The shock some fans have had


Cornel Dinu revealed that an offshore company registered at an address in Luxembourg is hiding behind Pablo Cortacero. Another 4,000 companies would be registered at the same address.

The mystery of the investors hiding behind Pablo Cortacero continues to be a subject of controversy, but also a mystery. So far, Dinamo’s new owners have avoided giving details of the real investors in Stephen the Great. According to information, Dinamo was taken over by an offshore company.

Cornel Dinu, on what is behind Pablo Cortacero: “Those on the lawn have checked”

The legendary Dinamo player says the fans were also curious to find out who is behind Pablo Cortacero. After several checks, they found that Dinamo had been taken over by a company registered at an address in Luxembourg. However, other companies would have been registered at the same address, a sign that Ştefan cel Mare’s team would have been taken over via an offshore scheme.

“Those on the lawn, people from Dinamo, have checked and saw that behind Cortacero there is only a mailbox somewhere, in a city of Luxembourg, in a building where there are still 4 thousand off-shore houses. how’s that. It was not known from the beginning what were the dates of the transfer from Negoiţă, from the hairdresser to Cortacero, through an intermediary who was also an accountant. I also had an accountant, but I left the numbers “, Cornel Dinu told Telekom Sport.

What’s behind Pablo Cortacero. The owners wanted to hide their identity

Since the negotiation phase, the new owners of Dinamo have raised suspicions. Pablo Cortacero said he was the representative of some investors, but each time he avoided saying who I am. In the documents, Dinamo was taken over by Benel International SA, a company founded in 2016. However, the company has a single shareholder, Global Necary IAM SA, a company registered in Panama, a well-known tax haven. However, there are not many details about Global Necary IAM SA and it is not known who runs the company.

In this whole scheme, however, one thing is certain. The new Dinamo bosses, who are behind Pablo Cortacero, do not want to reveal their identity.

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