What will be the price of a Tron TRX token at the end of 2018 now?



In terms of developments we can all agree that Tron (TRX) is undoubtedly one of the most continuously working currencies to offer users a 39, a unique experience, and at the same time, strives to achieve its mission of becoming the virtual currency that manages to make the Internet a decentralized space.

Indeed, only this year Tron launched his test network, migrating their tokens into his blockchain, launched his virtual machine, started building his own self-managed community and also bought BitTorrent ; which, of course, gives us a clear idea of ​​the engagement of the crypt to get to the top.

But is this a functional strategy? Is this actually paying in terms of the price for the TRX token? The answer to these questions is actually simple, so far it is not.

Market conditions are not the best right now (not stable ones), and this is a fact that has hit each of the criptos on the market, including Bitcoin (BTC), which now trades $ 6,500 again.

However, we have strong reasons to believe that this will change dramatically in the remaining months of the year. We see all the details behind this statement and to what extent the TRX token should go.

Facts about the TRX price to keep in mind

There is no doubt that if we want to talk about the fundamental future of the TRX token there are some things we need to consider. For example, the current price of the token, its historical maximum, the price of the currency on its billionaire ICO and the volume that the cryptography manages to have in these days.

In this sense, the TRX tokens in twelfth position according to Coinmarketcap with a price of $ 0.022329, a value quite far from the one managed on the ICO of $ 0.0019, and at the same time, very distant from the its historical maximum of $ 0.30. [19659003] It is noteworthy that the currency has suffered significant losses during the declines of the market for this year, and this only leads us to conclude that many of the original investors have already sold their holdings in order to find a balance.

However, Tron (TRX) has a solid and steady trading volume of $ 200 million each day, and most of these transactions take place with two of the most important trading pairs such as TRX / USDT and TRX / BTC.

Fiat negotiation with TRX [19659008] One of the things that can increase the price of the TRX token c is unquestionably the opening to the fiat trading markets, because even when the currency already has fiat negotiations this is only a small part of its operations, and the right approach in this matter could have major implications for the currency.

But what do you need to see this happening? Well, Tron has no gateway, in other words, exchanges that show the support of these exchanges like Coinbase, to name one. In this sense, it is necessary for TRON to be able to prove that their blockchain is safe and reliable, but it is something that takes time since the blocking of TRON is just starting.

The Chinese adoption of TRON TRX

Another interesting market for Tron to explore is the Chinese market. In fact, China is opening up to virtual currencies right now and Tron (TRX), along with NEO, and VET are the options that the country could adopt.

If we take the time to think about it, there is no interaction of the TRX token with the Yuan, and on the other hand, we can see how the Yuan represents the 1 percent of the operations for Bitcoin, which is quite remarkable, to say the least.

If Tron explores this option, he can actually attract the Chinese market, and the chances of opening up to such a horizon represent a great opportunity for the price to rise considerably.

TRX / BTC ratio

The Satoshi report is currently the unit for measuring the price of different currencies compared to Bitcoin (BTC). In this sense, TRX currently has a value of 291 Satoshi. But in the long run, analysts predict that the price of the token could have a recovery that could bring this value to 615 Satoshis (to learn more about dontFOMO analysis, click here) so we could talk about a year ending with TRX be separated in terms of correlation with BTC.

TRX price at the end of the year

If all the moves continue as they go, Tron (TRX) may arrive at a price of $ 0.70 (at least) for the end of the year, and even when it does not look like an exceptional increase, it would actually represent a huge leap in TRX's current performance, and a fairly decent change from the current crypto prices.

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