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What to do with this WON Crypto Project?


World Open Network (WON) is a digital platform based on blockchain that aims to encourage diversity, innovation and sustainable growth by strengthening positive values ​​for the entire world.

With HE WON, the world is destined to reach a socio-economic cryptocurrency community that will encourage people to do the right things.

Identified problems

Lack of mass adoption

The complexity of UX and UI with BTC and ETH make it difficult to use especially for ordinary people. When trying to buy or use DApp with a slow transaction speed, users feel very frustrated.

There is a self-reinforcement of technology through the hype and speculation. This ignores all the potential benefits to focus on marginal and early adopter users.

Values ​​out of place

Currently, miners receive first priority with more than 47 terawatt hours per year. More than half of all the mining is done with China powered by a coal-fired power plant with an estimated 44 million tons of carbon dioxide in the year. This is done only for BTC and ETH.


It is estimated that over $ 1.2 billion of cryptocurrency has been stolen globally due to the concealment of identity and non-compliance with KYC / AML regulations, among other issues. It is therefore more difficult, but it is not impossible to trace a real person to the crimes.

Avoid consumer protection

A report published by CoinMarketCAP shows that there are more than 1300 tradable digital currencies in circulation. The ICO embedded with the intelligent SAFT contract sell tokens that may or may not be used for future promotions. This causes problems.

Overall, the industry does not seem to be at the forefront of protecting end users and instilling customer protection. This is because they are seen by government agencies as unregistered securities that are traded, thus taking advantage of sophisticated investors.

Solutions provided by WON

Easy to adopt

The platform created a product focused on the user. It focuses on creating an intuitive and easy-to-use UX front-end. This is for ordinary people. INC of the platform will provide a wide range of W coins to users after passing the KYC / AML requirement.

Fast and safe for users

The platform will make WOB open-source and free, capable of millions of TPS, and fast mandatory KYC / AML written by the WOB tract code. KYC / AML is designed with security features that keep hackers away. Users can use their cryptocurrency in any application with just one KYC. This is now possible with only one KYC session.

Fast and easy for developers

The platform has incentives for developers with W coin to develop high quality applications and bring new users. Now WON and WOB developers can kick off their commodity and cryptocurrency community by simply clicking on the WOP, which is set to be a fast, scalable multi-blockchain open source software that provides easy-to-use, easy-to-use platform APIs financial.

It encourages people to do the right things

The mission of the platform is to achieve sustainable growth. Therefore, it returns value to the hands of ordinary consumers and big developers. This encourages people to do the right things in the community

Information on WON products

The WON Open Blockchain: supports millions of transactions and DApp per second. The platform is mainly supported by WOB. It also features KYC / AML, Dynamic sharding and Byzantine failure tolerance test.

The WON platform: the platform will have features like a converter and a mobile wallet. More information on how they will work is on the platform's website.

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