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What should you expect from the Blockchain technology in 2019?

Although 2018 was a year in which the prices of all cryptocurrencies have declined, it can not be denied that the same year witnessed many new cryptocurrency innovations. Both old and new companies have adopted the technology. Through a different blockchain consensus new innovative ideas have arrived that have been prepared for implementation.

Blockchain Innovations in 2018

Last year it registered the ICO peak when the funds raised reached a new historical high. 2018 has also taught a lesson worthy of some start-ups, that the initial supply of coins is gradually losing its value. This was the reason for Vitalik's suggestion for the supply of decentralized autonomous initial coins (DAICO) that many start-ups do not seem to appreciate.

DAICO aims to make investors an active part of the
project development process. This is through the Tap policy, where
Investors can determine the amount of funds that will be released to the
project team at a time. This is to keep them motivated and not run away with everyone
the funds. Although with its same vulnerability as 51% attack, ICOVO has renewed the idea by adding some restrictions.
This made it the first start to implement the suggestion of Vitalik of DAICO. The
the question is: will it succeed?

2018 also revealed other interesting innovations such as IOVO,
who believe that human data is a human value and should be protected. I go
suggests that all human personal data should be stored on the blockchain and al
the only provision of the owner. Companies should pay for this type of data,
instead of taking this data without the consent of the owners.

The Internet currency (COTI) has been assessed for managing one of the best ICOs of last year, investors are still seriously expecting its main network. COTI is creating its own blockchain for a more efficient, quick and secure remittance of funds. The COTI wants in its vision to be the current currency of the Internet.

The list of interesting news will never be completed unless PIGZBE is mentioned. Pigzbe wants to help
parents teach their children the most important lesson in life: financial
education. Through the Wollo portfolio, parents can easily send payments to them
children to encourage them when they complete homework.
Regular payments for savings and relative gifts through the supervision of the
parents can be sent to children. Pigzbe will help parents to keep one
eye close to how children spend.

The coin
It is one of the blockchain technology success stories. Though
has not conducted any ICO, has brought innovation that is unprecedented for everyone. The
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The register for a list of blockchain innovations for 2019 remains almost empty for now. The world is waiting for blockchain-based projects to create and execute their visions, learning from the mistakes of the fallen past. Investors and all the cryptovers are still waiting for the long-awaited Constantinople of Ethereum which was postponed until the end of February.

2019, what's going on
be for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology? Head or tail or both.

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