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ReddCoin (RDD) -Cryptocurrencies entered the financial system when fiat currencies dominated. A decade later, vital coins such as BItcoin and several altcoins had a huge impact on the cryptographic sphere. Investors are always looking for coins that will work better. For a while, they have supported many crypto coins to make the best ones. Ripple (XRP) overthrew Ethereum (ETH) for the second time this year. This was due to investor financing. Now, there is another giant asleep in the encrypted space – ReddCoin (RDD).

Despite the fact that many cryptocurrencies were in red for most of the year, ReddCoin (RDD) showed impressive signs. At the end of 2018, there are strategies that the currency must put in place to stay at the top in 2019.

Accessibility should be easy

Before the launch, the coin had a previous variant. Dogecoin was in the ring to offer social incentives before ReddCoin (RDD) was launched. With this, the currency must maintain easy access. In light of the quest to make money accessible to all, simple communication and open source should be rooted.

The currency is already returning after the value has fallen. As ReddCoin (RDD) launches new features, more investors are expected to cooperate with the currency. Furthermore, more investors mean more value for the currency. Simply put, there must be easy-to-use features that will attract more investors.

Micropayments of social networks

It is no longer a novelty that ReddCoin (RDD) is recreating the tipping of social media, introducing tools that did not exist before. With this main function, a content creator generates income when his post is shared or appreciated. If the currency must continue to remain on top of the next year, peer transactions should be promoted.

While Facebook is already planning to include payment through the platform, ReddCoin has achieved this goal before now. There are indications that the currency is set to introduce peer-to-peer transactions for users. When this happens, users can support their creators of favorite content by moving them with cryptographic coins.

The coin is operating at improved transaction speed. Furthermore, solutions without fever will be introduced. To this end, ReddCoin should develop the micro-payment system of social networks to increase the chances of adoption in 2019.

Facebook rejects the bulge

Over the four (4) years, ReddCoin (RDD) has worked seamlessly with many social media platforms. Twitter has attracted a lot of resources to content creators. Unfortunately, the currency has not yet managed to penetrate the most vital and populated social media platform, Facebook.

Facebook has yet to completely incorporate the ReddCoin (RDD) tips. While 2019 is approaching; the currency must break the barrier of the rigid resistance of Facebook. If successful, content creators can then generate a lot of revenue from the posts they put on their Facebook account. It is worth noting that over two (2) billion monthly users on Facebook will be of immense benefit to the currency. If 2019 will be of great help for the value of ReddCoin (RDD), it will have to overcome obstacles to integrate Facebook to the supported platforms.

ReddCoin should consider mainstream payments

In addition to the fact that money has reinvented social tampering, ReddCoin (RDD) should consider switching to traditional payments. Despite the fact that the currency works well for social media suggestions, mainstream payments are in sight.

The three-second transaction time will be advantageous for payments. It is worth noting that ReddCoin (RDD) has the ability to facilitate cryptographic payments. The unique PoSV algorithm differs from other cryptocurrencies. The Proof-of-Stake Velocity (PoSV) algorithm uses low electricity compared to popular networks like Bitcoin. The currency also has a greater chance of facilitating transactions with zero transaction fees. The reduction of electricity and feeless transactions are touted for the benefit of people who want to have transactions in real time.

Charitable acts for Elon Musk

Partnerships remain a driving force for the value of a currency. RedCoin (RDD) must play his own cards if a major investor, Elon Musk, must be bought on. Musk, Tesla's CEO was lured with enrichment investments in ReddCoin (RDD).

Moss is interested in charitable works. The implementation of social tipping (rewards) for content creators could be of interest to Musk. Investors are convinced that their investment in the currency will send the value beyond the limit. To this end, ReddCoin (RDD) should work to obtain an Elon Musk partnership.


By the end of 2018, ReddCoin achieved good results in 2019. Having Elon Musk on board is a great way to start the year. If the value of the currency must be at the top of 2019, it is pertinent to work on the integration of Facebook as a platform for social rollover.

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