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In a supernormal rally that almost lost ethereum its silver stain, ripple (XRP) gained about 100 percent in a week.

The maximum difference in the capitalization of XRP between the lowest and highest level of the week turned out to be almost $ 19.8 billion. This is almost a 184 percent jump. True, the rating dropped after the weekly peak was established, but the magnitude of the decline was low. During the uptrend, market capitalization has even exceeded the ethereum market threshold. For a short time, XRP was the new bitcoin gold silver. However, an imminent near-peak sell-off reversed the XRP trend and brought it back to third place.

But what were the reasons for the bullish behavior of XPR? Until now, no technical aspect could explain it, so CCN has instead carved out the fundamentals. And, to begin with, we found different correlations with the XRP rally.

Key Factor 1: Launch of xRapid Solution

Ripple Labs's forward-looking cryptocurrency service, dubbed xRapid, is headed for a commercial launch as soon as next month. The commercial payment service allows financial institutions to use XRP tokens to conduct cross-border transactions. Until now, xRapid has not acquired many major partnerships from traditional financial institutions, as opposed to RippleNet, the XRP blockchain project denied for Ripple Labs businesses, which has a top ten US bank lining up for integration.

xRapid's launch emerged for the first time on CCN on 17 September, when XRP was in lateral trend compared to USD. The value started to rise towards the top right at the start of the next day's session, setting a new intraday high at $ 0.33990-fiat from the low of 0.26627-fiat.

Fundamental Factor 2: Coil and PNC Announcement

An announcement linking XRP with the most important names on the web, including Wikipedia, Twitch and YouTube, arrived on September 20th by Coil. The San Francisco-based company, led by former Ripper Labs CTO Stefan Thomas, revealed details about their web monetization app that would allow content creators to gain advice via XRP tokens. Overall, the news brought to light a probable case of user adoption for XRP, while it was already climbing to the previous level.

On September 20, another rippling news that had emerged on the web was linked to the PNC. The $ 380 billion US banking giant joined RippleNet to allow near-instant cash transfers with on-demand liquidity and end-to-end tracking on a blockchain. The partnership, however, does not guarantee a push for the adoption of XRP. Nevertheless, he positioned Ripple Labs, the biggest holder of the XRP, as a company with a great future ahead – something that could have excited traders speculating on XRP.

The Concluding Fundamental Factor: FOMO

When a resource continues to break its crucial levels of resistance one after the other, day traders go mainly long on their positions in "fear of losing" on profits. XRP traders appear to have undergone a bullish transformation after witnessing an impressive rally after weeks of downtrend. Ripple reported buying sentiment in the market, and all the best coins became green as it lit up.

The XRP / USD scored higher highs towards 0.79162-fiat. Since then, the couple has corrected almost 27 percent. Those who have long since entered the current value could try to get out of their positions with a decent profit, causing a slight sell-off to 0.54490-fiat, the level of support from the end of May. A break from there could further push XRP / USD towards 0.45627-fiat, the support from early April influenced a strong rally to 0.96635.

As he returned to his bearish sentiment, the couple should have invalidated the two levels of support mentioned above. The launch of xRapid next month, meanwhile, would promise a positive purchasing scenario overall.

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