What personalities do people who bite their nails have …


Millions of people around the world bite their nails, be it children or adults, writes tasta.ro. However, psychologists warn that this self-mutilating gesture is based on a rather serious mental illness.

Considered nervous habits, red nails, or other body-centered behaviors could be a sign of perfectionism, scientists say.

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According to a new study, people with characteristics of perfectionism, such as impatience, a tendency to get bored quickly, or an inability to relax, are more likely to exhibit such behaviors.

Assuming that red nails are a habit developed by perfectionists to combat “frustration, impatience and satisfaction when they don’t reach their goals or when they get very bored,” researchers from two Canadian universities tested the reactions of 48 volunteers, half of whom they had such tics.

Researchers have created experimental conditions designed to frustrate, bore, stress and relax them so that they can study how these habits manifest under various conditions.

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To induce a state of stress, the researchers showed them a recording of a plane crash and, to induce a state of relaxation, they projected a video of the sea waves. To frustrate them, the researchers asked them to do a task they were told was simple, but it really wasn’t, and to bore them they left them waiting in a room, alone, for six minutes. .

Participants resorted to the tics described above more often in moments of boredom and frustration than when they were relaxed. On the other hand, they didn’t bite their nails when stressed.


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