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What makes the Electroneum (ETN) unique compared to other coins

It's been fourteen months since Electroneum (ETN) came out with its initial coin offer (ICO) on September 14th, 2017. However, the price of cryptocurrency is less than an American cent, which means that something remains. However, it does not matter as long as it provides opportunities to downsize and gain a pound of meat. Although it was bifurcated by Monero (XMR), the two are on a completely different path despite the similarities since they performed the KYC requirement.

The British cryptocurrency has its advantages and disadvantages because the global cryptocurrency market is struggling to maintain its position, letting it go on alone. It is natural for supporters to appreciate the news of any price of tokens while opponents are the focus of criticizing the emerging asset class each time a price fall occurs. At the same time, there is the belief that the Electroneum project would have pleased investors and traders regardless of the current price.


One of Electroneum's positive points is that the project has no threat of disappearing and the market has not understood the value of the first British digital currency. It is one of the many reasons why it is underestimated.

It emerged with a clear emphasis not only on mobility but also on micropayments as it is eager to use its platforms, apps and tokens to provide financial services to everyone around the world with the help of a mobile phone, which will have key implications.

No bank account

This is mainly due to the fact that a number of people all over the world have a cell phone while many of them do not have a bank account. This has deprived them of access even to basic financial services. Therefore, the key point of Electroneum is to focus on the non-rented segment, which is a large part of the population worldwide. In addition, the virtual asset could try against any financial crisis, both domestic and international, like any other digital currency.

Beyond that, there is an additional feature of mobile mining because the ETN token is not extracted either on specialized hardware or computers, but on mobile phones. For this purpose, everything a miner needs to install an app. This will allow the user to extract a limited number of tokens on a daily basis, which is nothing but a revolutionary one. This would mean that anyone with a simple smartphone could get a free sample of money.

Payment system

In addition to these factors, there is also an innovative instant payment system created by the ETN team. The system is already a trend development and much appreciated and after successfully passing the tests, over 1000 suppliers have been invited to implement API Instant Pay BETA.

This is not only fast, but safe and free to use. This would mean that people could move their remittance system from any other service provider such as Western Union with the help of the Electroneum app to send money. These features would have the potential for mass adoption if not immediately but later. At that point in time, it would become attractive with the real economic forces that drive the price rather than speculation.

He has his own anthem

Did you know that Electroneum has its anthem? It was created by one of the members of the ETN community. It is called "Anthem of electron" and was created by Nave Savage. Check it out:

A cherry on top

Today Electroneum has announced that it is being transferred to the commercial area of ​​KuCoin Plus, a major problem. Good job!

Disclaimer: at the time of writing this article, the author is not to keep any amount of the asset mentioned and is not trying to promote it in any way. The author only reveals a positive side of the mentioned good.

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