What kind of cryptocurrency program is this?

Infinite cycles

What is Infinity Loops?

Infinite cycles It is a crowdfunding platform that allows its members to raise funds in terms of medical expenses, mortgages or specific activities. All that is required of the user is the activation of his payment center followed by the invitation of two people to participate in the Infinity Loops system in which the user is paid per member, for each level.

For members to start in the system, they need to hold funds starting at $ 30, which is admission and activation fees of $ 5 and $ 25 respectively. The platform currently accepts Bitcoin as a payment and payment processor.

With the platform, the user is not just a donor, but being a member on the platform gets a 2 × 2 follow-me system, which means that the people referred to by the system follow them up to the system and then get payment over and over again. Once the 2 × 2 system is complete, the user automatically gets a return to the payment center.

In case the reference is updated to a higher level that the user does not belong to, the user's sponsor receives the payment. When the user later updates and their referral re-enters the system, they begin to fall under the user, allowing the user to receive payments directly. The platform contains a total of seven levels with different payment amounts for each level with different contribution amounts.

Platform users must ensure that they have a sponsor in their back offices during the registration process in the system before the payment center is activated. This ensures that all members are satisfied and able to raise funds. The platform conducts its payments on a daily basis and during business hours ranging from 10 am to 10 pm EST.

How Infinity Loops Cryptocurrency Program works

Members record their details on the platform and then click on the deposit section available in the menu on the left in the system. The user then enters the amount of coins he wishes to use in the system and then proceeds to pay for it via the bitcoin address provided by the platform processor, Coinpayments. The user accesses his portfolio and sends the specified amount of bitcoins.

Once the system confirms the transaction, the user balance will automatically update in a five minute period after the transaction is made. After the balance is updated, the user can click on the "active position" section and then select the payment center that he wants to activate.

Infinity Loops Advantages

Low start up costs

The platform does not require a lot of money for users to start their crowdfunding. All they need is admission and the activation fee, which amounts to a total of $ 30.

Continuous payment

The payment by the platform is made on a daily basis during the platform's working time, which means that users will always be paid for their funds whenever necessary and provided. Withdrawals from the user are also supported through their bitcoin wallets.


The user usually gets a re-entry to the system when the 2 × 2 system is complete, allowing them to continue with their crowdfunding. Each of the seven levels offered by the platform supports the return of members.

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