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What is Ethereum Classics Project Goerli?

Ethereum Classic, just like its brother Ethereum, is built on a blockchain that allows the development of other features and projects. Ethereum Classic claims to be the "smarter blockchain", keeping the roots of the original Ethereum project (hence the name, Ethereum Classic).

According to the Ethereum Classic website:

"Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a smarter blockchain, it is a network, a community and a cryptocurrency that brings digital resources forward, besides allowing people to send value to each other, ETC allows complex contracts that operate independently and not they can be changed or censored, this can best be explained by an analogy, imagine Bitcoin as a fixed telephone: it does a very good thing ETC is like a smartphone: it can do all that Bitcoin can do and much more. "

We can investigate further, as it is a little more complicated than the simple, "Ethereum Classic is like a smartphone". The technology behind Ethereum Classic allows for very efficient transfers, all thanks to one of the longest-running smart blockchains that has ever existed:

"ETC enables highly efficient value transfers (more than Bitcoin and its variants), focuses on IoT applications and manages a mathematically verified Ethereum or EVM virtual machine, which means that ETC is very good at what it proposes to do: to be a a highly efficient exchange medium that connects the devices of the world Our teams of developers are working on technology and partnerships that will allow a smooth use of the ETC network wherever blockchain is needed ".

One of these developer teams, funded by the Ethereum Classic Cooperative Grant, is known as Project Goerli, a project led by Afri Schoedon and Aidan Hyman who want to change the way PoA test networks operate within the blockchain of Ethereum Classic. PoA stands for Proof of Authority and is common within the Ethereum blockchain. According to a Press release from the Classic Ethereum Cooperative:

"If you've ever tried to use a testnet on the various Ethereums, you've probably encountered problems including the need to extract your blocks, incompatibility with clients, and the difficulty of including transactions in blocks. of the chain you're using, but ultimately it means that developers, especially new ones, experience substantial friction by testing their applications in a live environment. "

These are exactly the problems that Project Goerli is trying to solve, ensuring that problems such as the need to extract their own blocks, customer incompatibility and other general difficulties can be solved by projects within the Ethereum Classic network. . Since the Ethereum Classic Cooperative is so excited to see this project, according to their press release, the cooperative has rewarded Schoedon, Hyman and their team $ 125,000.00 to continue advancing their project with the hope that a new PoA testnet it will be ready for launch in about six months.

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