What is Electroneum (ETN)? Beginner's Guide: everything you need to know


Electroneum is a British cryptocurrency developed for the mobile gaming and online gaming market. ETN has also achieved a sign as the most user-friendly digital token in the world, because it is equipped with portfolio management and coin-mining in a mobile app. Electroneum is built out of the Monero code base to allow transactions on a decentralized blockchain. The ETN token was launched through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on September 14th.

Apparently, Britain has not been a recurring name in the cryptography industry. ETH, being the first British cryptocurrency, placed Britain on the cryptocurrency map. Cryptocurrency has become an area of ​​interest for many technology-oriented individuals and investors. This sudden interest is due to the fact that the industry is only ten years old. However, this is not the case in recent years, especially with the recent Bitcoin bear market. This has had a lasting seductive effect on technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, thus attracting them daily to the encrypted sector.

The electron penetrates the cryptocurrency sector

Since the introduction of the main altcoins, the cryptographic market has never remained the same; it has become one of the most exciting and profitable businesses and investments in the world. While the most popular cryptocurrency has recently experienced a bear market, other alternatives have also been developed. Some still find trading and consider digital tokens cumbersome, maybe that's why it has not become mainstream yet.

Electroneum is not only the first virtual currency for British development, but has also brought some innovations to the table. The ETN token was built on a very special blockchain (being its bedrock technology) and was designed with features essential to dominate the mobile market if properly managed.

One of the interesting features of ETN is that it is very easy to manage and even mine on a mobile application. This translates implicitly into the existence of a new, easy and secure way of doing transactions only from your mobile devices. This can go up to mobile games, send money to friends and even bet on sports betting. With all these features, it would give the token lever on other tokens with little or no use in the encrypted market.

Intriguing Crypto investment

The founder of Electroneum, Richard Ells, who is a well-known technology entrepreneur shared his opinion on his invention. "I do not know if you've ever tried to buy some Bitcoins, but it's really hard to do!" I realized that what the world needs is a cryptocurrency that is really easy to access and use. ordinary mobile phone user. "

Apart from the fact that the cryptocurrency sector has proven to be an industry in full swing with numerous investors. More specifically, this token is proving an intriguing investment opportunity for investors. In the first half of 2016, the average return on investment of 100 new coins launched was 357% – this further strengthened the crypto-volatility point. In this light, Electroneum means a sort of technological progress, and began to experience attention even after ICO which raised $ 40 million.

Another factor that makes Electroneum unique is the fact that it was developed by a group of British technology experts. According to the proposed structure, there is a strong probability that it would not be influenced by conflicts and volatility, the peculiar custom of other virtual currencies.

Electroneum, after presenting an overview of technology, a notable ICO, saw its ETN token do pretty well on the market. Currently, the virtual token should be listed on a main exchange platform.

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Electronum binary assignment potential (ETN)

In recent months, there have been a few questions born of curiosity in the Electroneum community. Many have asked the question about when ETN will finally be listed on the major stock exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex. Judging by the way the currency went, it would not be wrong to predict that the answer is "soon".

A few years ago, one of the main steps towards strengthening the credibility of a token was to have it listed on Binance, as this depicted an image of a decent cryptographic project. However, this is no longer the case as some shady projects have begun to find their way into Binance, in particular the famous "pump and landfill scheme".

Judging by almost all measures, we can not doubt the potential of the ETN to be listed on Binance. Although we have all witnessed the massive listing fee, which made it more difficult for tokens to be listed on the platform but for a token like this, the entry fee should not be a problem.

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