What happened to the mini touch screen of the iPhone 12? Users say it is difficult to dial when the screen is locked-winandmac.com


Since the four new iPhone 12 series went on sale, there have been some surprising problems, such as a green screen appearing on the screen earlier. While it may not be a software problem, it is still a problem for users. Nowadays, there are a number of user reports that when the iPhone 12 mini is locked and unlocked with a home finger, it sometimes becomes unresponsive.

Also, if users want to tap the flashlight or camera button on the lock screen, they will have similar reaction issues. When used normally after unlocking, the iPhone 12’s mini touch screen appears to be fine. It is currently unknown whether the iPhone 12 mini touch screen responds very poorly when the camera is locked, whether it is a software or hardware issue. However, according to reports from MacRumors, as long as some people don’t use the protective case or plug in to charge, there’s no problem.

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