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What do you know about the attack with a car bomb in Colombia?

January 17, 2019 06:08
Updated January 17, 2019 18.10

A car bomb exploded on Thursday in a police academy in southern Bogota, is the worst attack in the Colombian capital in 16 years.

Following what is known so far of this terrorist act:


Ten people died after the explosion of a 1993 Nissan Patrol truck at the school of general Francisco de Paula Santander, according to the Ministry of Defense. 65 injured were also reported.

Among those killed there is the Ecuadorian police Erika Chicó, informed the president of that country, Lenin Moreno, on Twitter.

Ecuador Sanango is among the wounded, said Moreno. No specific source if all the dead are policemen and if among the deceased there is the truck driver.

Material author

The prosecutor's office identifies José Aldemar Rojas Rodríguez as the perpetrator of the attack, the worst in the city since the car bomb exploded by the FARC guerrilla dispersed in the exclusive El Nogal social club, which left 36 dead and dozens injured in February 2003..

Although the attorney general, Néstor Humberto Martínez, did not confirm it, it is believed that Rojas Rodríguez, who entered the training center driving the van, died in the attack.

A journalist of the AFP He heard several policemen commenting on the deed. According to them, an anti-explosive dog detected the load in the vehicle.

Once discovered, the driver accelerated and invested an agent. Three uniformed officers followed the truck, which exploded until the second, presumably ending with the life of Rojas Rodríguez and the persecutors.

The prosecutor did not reveal any link between the author and an armed group, although he assured that in the next hours he will provide more information on the intellectual authors of the terrorist act.

80 kilos of explosives

The truck driven by Rojas Rodríguez was laden with 80 kilos of pentolite, a mixture of TNT and pentito, according to the first report of the bombers of the Colombian prosecutor's office.

The vehicle had undergone a technical-mechanical inspection on July 27th in the city of Arauca, on the border with Venezuela, according to the head of the agency.

In Arauca the rebels of the National Liberation Army (ELN) have a historical presence, whose peace talks with the government are suspended, and the dissidents of the FARC.

So far no armed group has attributed the attack.

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