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What a winter crypt? Blockchain developers are still killing

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The Blockchain developers are making more money than they were six months ago, according to a report based on a Computer World survey.

Over the past six months, the annual pay for blockchain developers in the higher end has increased by over $ 4,000, as surveyed by management consulting firm Janco Associates.

The average annual compensation for blockchain developers is also significantly higher than that of other software developers at $ 132,000. Experienced developers earn even more – US $ 176,000 – especially when employers change.

Start of the food chain

In the higher end of IT jobs, the only other positions that enjoyed higher pay compared to blockchain developers were data scientists, database managers, ERP data architects and ERP data technicians. Only ERP data engineers and database managers earned blockchain developers in the second quartile while in the third quartile only ERP data engineers gained more than blockchain developers.

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Blockchain developers are in the top quartile of the food chain in the technology sector (Courtesy of Computer World)

This is not the first survey to demonstrate the enviable position that blockchain developers occupy in the food chain of the technology industry. Last year in October, CCN reported that blockchain engineers in the United States were earning nearly as much as the artificial intelligence specialists, another field that is seeing increasing demand for better talent:

[T]The average pay for blockchain engineers in the United States is between $ 150,000 and $ 175,000, which makes it comparable to that of developers specializing in another high demand field, artificial intelligence. The two fields currently offer specialized engineering roles with the highest earnings. Typical software engineers make an average of $ 135,000.

Growing question

At the time, the competitive pay offered to the blockchain developers was attributed to the increase in demand for talent in the sector with the technology industry recruitment company, Hired, which indicated that job offers had increased by 400%. The Jobs Glassdoor website also revealed last year that cryptocurrency and distributed accounting technology job offers had increased by 300%.

Last month, LinkedIn's professional networking site reported that the biggest growth sector on its platform in 2018 was blockchain development. Specifically, Microsoft's social media company revealed that job postings for computer engineers with the ability to develop distributed registers using peer-to-peer technology had increased 33 times in 2018.

Interestingly, the high demand for blockchain developers and engineers has come at a time when some cryptocurrency companies have already announced plans to fire staff. This includes ConsenSys, the criptovalute development company led by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, who is planning to reduce 13% of its workforce. The decentralized social media company Steemit also announced plans to reduce its employees by 70%.

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