Whale Moves Chunks of Ether Hoard


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Ethereum Developers Take a Fork Every 8 Months

A 24 August meeting of Ethereum core developers on YouTube has solved that the planned network fork for Constantinople still has of work to do to avoid consensus issues

The meeting was primarily to ascertain the implementation of the client and test the Enterprise Integration Pattern (EIP) of the & # 39; imminent hard fork has some pro developers [itisbettertobringittothemarketasaprogramwiththesamemethodtobringintherulesofthefork

ETH Price

Whale Moves Chunks of Ether Hoard

A California lawyer, Zoe Dolan, who monitored the movement of the ether from the Ethereum Genesis Block recently revealed that a portfolio containing 213,000 ETHs moves a portion of that encryption into Bitfinex. Dolan said the whale behind the portfolio moved 20,000 ETs as part of a transaction that totaled 93,000 ETHs.

The $ 5.5 million fund as at the time of reporting is not the first time the whale was spotted while moving to ETH. Dolan said the same portfolio moved 116,000 ETHs in May when the currency was valued at $ 573, generating about $ 65 million for the whale that had been invested early in the Ecoereum ICO.

What is not obvious is what impact the movement of coins has had on the price of the Ethereum which is currently trading below $ 280.

The decline in ether value has been attributed to ICO projects which are mainly based on the ERC20 of the Ethereum network. Most of the project teams are suspected of winding up their etheric holdings to avoid losing too much of their project funding to the bear market.

What is now evident is that it is not just the project teams that liquidate the ether and put pressure on the spot market. When the whales move the funds, the spot market also takes note.

ETH / USD price chart, Sunday 26 August:

  Ethereum ETH price chart

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