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Western-Western Protests: Protesters reject the civil dialogue of Emmanuel Macron

"Yellow West – Black Rage": Tens of thousands of people in French cities participated in the "Yellow West" protests against the government for the tenth consecutive Saturday. With this they spoke against the "civil dialogue" initiated by Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron. At the national level, 80,000 policemen were on duty, always using tear gas and water cannons.

Macron launched a "Citizen Dialogue" this week to "turn rage into solutions". That's why he formulated 35 key questions. Also, if there were "smart questions" and issues not foreseen by him, they would also be accepted, said the 41-year-old head of state.

But trust in the president has already been lost in many protesters. "Vertigo" is on some posters. The reason for this is the increasing number of serious injuries caused by police violence. The collective "Désarmons-les!" ("Disarmal") listed 98 cases, including 15 people who lost their eyes to hard rubber bullets. Police say they were attacked by protesters.

The central claims left Macron unobserved

Furthermore, Macron has ignored the central claims of "yellow jackets" – such as higher pensions, better purchasing power or a reintroduction of wealth tax. Among other things, remember the desolate state of health care and the poor transport links in the countryside.

At the end of an initially peaceful march through Paris, there were finally clashes with the police. They used water and tear gas cannons against masked protesters throwing stones and bottles. There were also clashes in Rennes and Lyon.

According to the Ministry of Interior, some 84,000 people participated in national protests. Only in Toulouse, there were, according to official figures, a record participation of 10,000 activists.

Until March 15, the French can participate in the "Citizens' Dialogue" in communities and on the Internet. In mid-April – six weeks before the European elections – the president wants to present the results. According to a survey, 70% of citizens do not expect improvements from the debate.

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