Werder Bremen: brother of BVB star Julian Brandt in professional training!


Bremen – Julian Brandt (24) went through the rags of SV Werder Bremen at the time. Although born in Bremen, the current 33-time German national team player has never played for SV Werder. SC Borgfeld, FC Oberneuland, VfL Wolfsburg, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund: this is the path that the older brother Brandt has taken with great success.

Very annoying on the other hand for Werder Brementhat the club lacked the talent on its doorstep. But: where there is an older brother, there must be a younger one. And he plays at SV Werder and on Thursday he is also allowed to show up for the first time at professional training. Jascha Brandt, 17 and a left-wing U19 defender, was invited by coach Florian Kohfeldt to join the Bundesliga squad.

Werder Bremen: Jascha Brandt and other talents can show off in professional training

“We want to show Jascha that we have him in sight. The boy has developed well with us so far, ”says Kohfeldt, explaining the measure, which is not that unusual. From time to time, the coach pulls in international breaks Talents from U-teams up to Profi-Training. Mostly just for one or two sessions. So also for Jascha Brandtwho moved from SC Borgfeld to the Werder performance center at 15. He is allowed to train on Thursday, after which he will return to the U19, where he remained on the left flank until the interruption of the season.

Jascha Brandt but it will not be the only new face in the training group SV Werder Bremen his. Abdenego Nankishi will also be temporarily promoted by U23. Like Eren Dinkci, Maik Nawrocki and Kyu-hyun Park, the German-Angolan, left winger and center forward in the Regionalliga, was able to prove himself to the pros this week. (csa)

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