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Welcome to the reGenesis of Bitcoin Magazine!

On December 4, 2018, our CEO, David Bailey, made an exciting announcement: Bitcoin Magazine would be returning to its roots and shifting its focus to Bitcoin-related stories only. As the title of his blog post states, we intend to "Make Bitcoin Fun Again."

What does this mean?

To begin with, we will be delighted to be beautifully redesigned and reimagined Bitcoin Magazine a blog, a block explorer, an expanded guide section, and a general guide. We will be adding many new elements.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin network's launch. for Bitcoin Magazine (and our parent company BTC Inc), "Why does this technology matter?", we saw this anniversary of the birth of Bitcoin as a re-investigation of the narrative of digital value and our response to the question. "

The best way for us to serve the Bitcoin community, its community, and our own history.

What better time to launch this renewed vision of Bitcoin Magazine than on the anniversary of Bitcoin's Genesis Block, when did Satoshi's paper actually become an idea?

What You Can Expect From Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is staffed by journalists and editors with a passion for Bitcoin and for telling its stories. We are committed to sifting through the noise and well-researched news, thought pieces and long-form articles that will keep you informed and engaged.

We have formed relationships with some of the most influential thought leaders, as well as some of the most brilliant new minds, in the Bitcoin space who will not only be giving us insightful opinion pieces but also sharing their expertise and input as we create some of our more research-driven content.

As always, we are committed to editorial independence and high standards of journalistic integrity.

So, what sorts of stories will a "Bitcoin-focused" Bitcoin Magazine cover?

You are going to read about in Bitcoin Magazine:

  • general protocol improvements and technological advancements;
  • Bitcoin exchanges and wallets;
  • payment processors and point-of-sale platforms;
  • interoperability projects that unite the Bitcoin blockchain with non-Bitcoin blockchains;
  • price analyses and market influencers;
  • regulation opinions and decisions;
  • blockchain education programs;
  • privacy issues and data breaches;
  • philanthropic endeavors that use bitcoins (or the Bitcoin blockchain);
  • forks of Bitcoin, Bitcoin sidechains or other new projects that are built on the Bitcoin blockchain; layer 2 solutions;
  • stablecoins;
  • and, of course, Bitcoin community events (conferences, hackathons, meetups, etc).

BTC Inc is going to stop covering other cryptocurrency and blockchain news. Leading up to today's official Bitcoin Magazine relaunch, our newly redesigned sister site, Distributed.com, has been in "soft launch" mode, and is increasing its content to pick up the stories that are no longer part of the Bitcoin Magazine sends. We hope that you will check it out as well. BTC Inc has the whole Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem covered!

Like the rest of the cryptocurrency space, Bitcoin Magazine is constantly changing and adapting. We are excited to continue with this world-changing ecosystem. Together, we will continue the march towards economic freedom and sow the seeds of sound.

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