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Welcome to Crypto: Star Trek's Shatner defends Ethereum, talking about ERC standards

When cryptocurrency enthusiasts discuss adoption – the word of the cryptic sector of 2018 – the names of bigwig institutions, family companies, prominent executives and investors are often thrown around. So, it should come as no surprise that the entire cryptic community was shaken when William Shatner, known for his portrayal of James T. Kirk of Star Trek, went on Twitter in full "crypto-hip", discussing on Ethereum the unbridled passion and a hint of humor.

"James T. Kirk" talks about Ethereum: ERC20, ERC721 and The Whole Shebang

Although many do not know him by name, except for the baby boomers of the past, William Shatner is and was one of the most influential actors of the last century. However, after decades on the screen, the eighty-three-year-old tried to get away from the public, looking for other initiatives that did not involve dressing up and smiling for the camera.

This entrepreneurial drive, quite interesting, seems to have led it directly to the crypt, probably the greatest innovation since the world has mentioned the TCP / IP. While he briefly mentioned his interest in cryptography in the past, "Captain Kirk" cemented his "crypto-behavior" to the hip "when he posted the following tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

The message, which makes use of the favorite words / phrases of this sector – HODL, FUD, FOMO and bagholder – emphasizes that despite his age, Shatner holds crypts close to and dear to his heart.

Following this tweet, which was partially realized as a joke, Shatner sent Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, a thumbs-up – a message of approval that came directly from the left camp, so to speak. While Buterin did not answer (perhaps because he is too young to know who Shatner is), the actor's message has seen an abundance of responses from critics and critics alike.

Apologista premino, who essentially acts as the Bitfinex of the Ethereum Project, has responded to Shatner's approval, stating that Buterin is "a true scammer" by bringing attention to the claims that Ethereum is centralized and sloppy. Shatner, responding with a calm note, noted that Premine, a self-proclaimed "programmer", should "develop its blockchain technology where decentralization can be ensured at 1000%".

Responding to praise for his obvious defense against Ethereum's critics, Shatner used his knowledge of Ethereum to say that Premine's criticisms were flawed and had no basis. He added:

"His views do not take into account the fact that the code needs to be checked by an auditing firm and approved by the consortium or is not accepted, and thinks it exists in a bubble, which is why we have ERC-20, ERC-721 .. ERC-1701. "

Although anyone can fake or bluff their knowledge of the crypt, since Shatner has literally discussed the ERC standards, the process of protocol activation and consent, it would be fair to say that he keeps an ear close to the ground of this sector.

Changpeng Zhao: "Welcome to Crypto William Shatner!

Shatner's tweets, which were broadcast to its 2.51 million followers, quickly took hold on Twitter from Crypto, an independent (but not really) segment of the social media sector. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, quickly expressed his excitement, retweeting the pro-Ethereum message of the Star Trek actor with an accompanying declaration of adoption.

Although Shatner is not an Elon Musk when adopted with encryption, the first move to openly open in this area highlights a growing theme of traditionalists who turn to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Interestingly enough, Shatner's move to talk about everything that Ethereum arrives only a few months after the world famous actor entered the industry, becoming the public face of the Vancouver Solar Alliance, a supplier of alternative energy with a weak bitcoin extraction.

Shatner's public outburst in favor of the crypt arrives a few days after Gopyneth Paltrow, owner of Goop and a well-known actor, tweeted a cryptocurrency article, in which Bill Bahrdyt of Abra explained the basics of this industry in the grass. Although Paltrow's decision to forward Bahrdyt's crypto-centered interview to his followers was judged to be "shilling," many optimists see the promise that the two actors mentioned, who are not at all absurd, have openly acknowledged and praised the cryptosphere.

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