Weiss evaluations confirm that Ripple's XRP token is the only encryption with a clear use


At the beginning of this week, Weiss evaluations stated in support of the XRP of Ripple despite the conviction that the cryptocurrency has received recently.

Weiss said he saw hostility series against cryptocurrency, however, Weiss said he is asking why, since Ripple has a clear use in the crypto world over other cryptocurrencies without use cases but with motivations cheapened.

They continued to praise XRP for doing their best to get rid of the intermediaries involved in interbank transactions. , the rating agency, which has been providing market research and analysis for consumers and businesses for more than four decades, states that four coins, in particular, are "absolute steals".

It is quite interesting to turn to those who believe in a possible 10-fold gain. This could be very important for those who base their investments on fundamental analysis. Naturally, being a tweet, they did not give many details; however, subscribers will have more information on each of these altcoins and other investment strategies.

Other cryptocurrencies that have a promising future according to Weiss Ratings are Nano, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar (XLM) and EOS. [19659005] Here are some #cryptocurrencies that look very promising: #NANO Basic attention tokens ( #BAT ), #XLM #EOS #XRP .

– Weiss Ratings (@WeissRatings) September 17, 2018

Weiss tweets follow one that has generated a great stir among his followers. Commenting on an article on the Bitcoin domain on global market capitalization, the company stated that the adaptability of Ethereum's blockchain makes it feasible that in about 5 years Ethereum will become the new Crypto-King.