WeChat blocks cryptocurrency accounts for a "violation" agreement

WeChat, one of the leading messaging platforms in China, has banned several accounts that have released cryptocurrency and blockchain-related content.

According to Caixin, the local local news vendor has closed the permanent basic cryptographic user accounts due to the fact that the crypto-related content goes against the Chinese law concerning the trade in digital currencies.

Accounts that have been frozen do not display any previous content, but a message is displayed with notes that the account has been banned:

"Due to user complaints and after platform exams , it turned out that the account violates the "Temporary Regulations on the development and management of public information" The services for instant messaging tools and all contents have been banned. Use. "

Notices like this appear on accounts like Jinse, which falls into the Node Capital umbrella supported by tokens, as well as Deepchain focused on cryptography, Huobi News and CoinDaily. [19659002] One of WeChat's basic rules in terms and conditions under which all accounts must abide by relevant laws and that the company has the right to restrict or suspend any entity that violates the agreement:

"Users of instant messaging tools serving in public information activities must abide by relevant laws and regulations. For instant messaging service users who violate the contract, the instant messaging service provider adopts measures such as a warning, restriction , suspension and closure until the closure of the account, meanwhile saving the relevant records and respecting the obligation to report to the competent authority. "

This comes a few days after the authorities have imposed an official ban on all blockchain events held in Chaoyang, Beijing. The Chinese government has been clear that the first offers of coins (ICO), cryptocurrency and trading are intolerable, however, the People & # 39; s Bank of China believes that the digital currency is unavoidable.

If the government does not rely on cryptoregulations it is still being seen but, considering the current state, it seems unlikely in the near future.

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