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We promise: Coinbase to expand its list of digital resources

Coinbase is unquestionably one of the world's largest cryptographic exchanges and trading platforms and, if it is believed that its latest commitment is credible, the company could very well be heading for more height in the world of cryptosides.

Quick list

In its latest announcement, Coinbase informed of the launch of a new operational process that will allow a faster list of more digital resources as long as they comply with local legal policies in their areas of origin. However, the company made it clear that these new digital resources will be listed on a case-by-case basis and will be available for trade only in selected areas.

By engaging the announcement on his corporate blog, Coinbase reminded its customers that it has always taken steps to add new digital resources to its platform, reiterating that the company's sole objective is to to ensure that all customer needs and expectations are fully met.

Who qualifies?

According to the company statement, anyone can request a list of assets on their platform, must be a crypto-investor with an investment of $ 1 million, an employee or manager or a founder (or a main developer).

The application evaluation process will cover 6 serious steps with requirements that the asset in question must meet before it can be listed on Coinbase. In order to further improve things, Coinbase will not charge any entry fees at the time, but may change based on the number of applicants. For this, the company made it clear that the decision to impose taxes or not is still at its discretion, explaining that, if charged, these fees would be used to offset the operating costs involved in the application assessment process.

With this new development, Coinbase plans to finally support over 40 cryptocurrencies in its exchange platform. Currently, the exchange supports Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). Ethereum Classic (ETC) should be listed soon. The 40 cryptos referred to will include NEO, Ontology and XRP.

Crypto Education

On August 24th, Coinbase announced its plans to start a campaign to help new customers navigate the encrypted world, a development that comes as part of a new update. The information provided on the Coinbase page will cover the first 50 cryptos based on their history, market capitalization and links to multiple sources of information such as white papers and other cryptos websites.

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