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Waves launches a Smart Christmas Blockchain game with Tradisys


Waves launches a Christmas game based on Blockchain technology

The waves platform has released the first Christmas game on its network. The game is called Xmas Tree Game and was the first to be launched on the game waves platform. It seems that the year-end celebrations have inspired the company to launch this new game for users. The information was launched by the Waves platform in a blog post on December 24th.

Waves is a blockchain network that has a multi-currency portfolio and includes a decentralized exchange for users to exchange their digital assets without intermediaries. In order to launch the Xmas Tree game, Waves had to partner with Tradisys, a company that creates technical solutions and trading algorithms.

This game shows very well how Waves Waves and Waves Keeper contracts work and how they can be implemented in the gaming industry. Each game session launched by players will generate an intelligent contract that decentralizes support operations that will allow the service to function as intended.

It seems that the game has no losers. Whenever users play, they will have to open a box where there will be WAVES or other toys. The company explained:

"There are no losers in this game! Every time you play, open a box that contains WAVES or a toy.If you win, you will receive back your payment on WAVES and much more! If you find a toy, the Childen Hospice you will receive your taxes as another donation, which you will be able to track here and you can check your balance at any time. "

To play, users will have to create an account, have at least 1,031 WAVES coins to be launched and Waves Keeper for the web browser.

This was the first game released since the Waves platform was launched. About $ 2 million has been used to build games on this platform. The game will last until January 8, putting an end to the Christmas season.

WAVES is the 21st largest virtual currency on the market. It has a market capitalization of $ 330 million and each currency can be purchased for $ 3.30. During the last 24 hours, it has recorded a decline of 13.3% if its price. However, this is in line with the market, which has seen a significant decline in the last 24 hours.

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