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Waves Blockchain launches the latest version (2.0) of its native Explorer


According to a post on Medium, the development team is over waves has officially announced the release of its latest Waves Explorer. According to the blog post, the latest version of the platform includes numerous major updates, including a drastic revision of the platform's native user interface. Furthermore, the new iteration of & # 39; block-explorer & # 39; it is also loaded with a number of stability patches that provide users with an enhanced visual and auditory experience (especially for those using the platform via their mobile devices).

Other key aspects worth noting:

  • All the new user interface: according to the waves frontend teams have created an interface that is not only more well-defined, but is also much more user-friendly. In addition to this, the development team also states that the overall application experience is now quite similar to that of other Waves ecosystem apps. As a result, it is now much easier for customers to check their transactions on the Waves blockchain (via their smartphone devices).
  • Network settings: another key aspect of the update is that the new Explorer now allows users to seamlessly switch between "MainNet" and "TestNet" of the company. If that's not enough, there's also a new tool that makes it easy for users to configure the explorer to design their own "custom network" (this basically means that users now have the power to track any network or node that may wish to choose).
  • Stability: last but not least, the Waves team has made a concerted effort to improve the quality of its code by eliminating unnecessary API calls and using new data libraries. As a result of these small improvements, the loading times of the main functional components within the network have been greatly optimized.

Thanks to all the above changes, Waves is now officially one of the fastest blockchain explorers in the world.

Final take

Tools like these are important enough for the growth of a blockchain ecosystem. That said, the Waves development team is already looking at the future: the team is now working on new APIs that will allow them to "view the address token distribution" and allow users to look at their " change of balance "at the touch of a button.

Last but not least, the back-end team Waves also wants to add a "map of the distribution of network nodes around the world" to their platform in order to make their offer more attractive to the cryptic medium enthusiast .

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