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Water on the mills of Donald Trump – News International: America

As spokesman for special researcher Robert Mueller, Peter Carr does not have much to do. He usually rejects statements on requests for information, has never corrected media reports so far. Friday night, however, Carr rejected a sensational story from the New York BuzzFeed Web portal the day before. The allegation was based on two anonymous sources within the US judiciary, Donald Trump had instigated his former lawyer Michael Cohen in Russia to lie to the congress.

The story hit Washington like a bomb: cable TV channels discussed Friday to see if that would mean the end of the Trump presidency, and the liberal commentators and congressional Democrats have called for an incrimination of the president for disability. Until Peter Carr spoke: the Buzz Fede-Primeur was in many ways wrong and "not true," said spokesman Robert Mueller.

In the meantime, Buzzfeed's supposed blockbuster had already rushed around the world, Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet had also sent a message. The incident clearly clarifies the attitude of the US media to the Trump administration in the confusing times of the Mueller investigation: if in doubt, Trump is suffocated, even if the starting material is thin .

"New York Times" error

The BuzzFeed Punisher was not the first media error on Trump and Russia: in December, the reliable Washington office of the McClatchy newspaper chain – who had made a name for himself with his skepticism about the government's lies in Iraq George W. Bush – also referring to anonymous informants, Michael Cohen met Russian emissaries in Prague in the summer of 2016, as stated in the British spy file Christopher Steele. Among other things, Cohen's cell phone was located there.

The excitement was great and this message was disseminated globally by the agencies. Apparently she was also a duck: in a tweet, Cohen explicitly denied and added cryptically that Mueller knew "everything".

Even the "New York Times" recently made a serious mistake in the breathless race for the revelations on Trump, Mueller and Russia. After being disclosed through court documents that Trump's campaign leader, Paul Manafort, had delivered internal campaign data to a Russian contact in 2016, the paper wrote at the beginning of January, from where internals had been transmitted to the Russian oligarchs and to the friend of Putin Oleg Deripaska – a hot story, because for the first time a pipeline was documented by the Trump campaign team in the Kremlin.

This story went around the world, even if it was wrong in an important detail: it was not Deripaska that had received internal data, but the Ukrainian oligarch Serhiy Lyovochkin – an important difference given the longstanding relationship between Deripaska and Manafort. The New York Times corrected the false declaration the following day, but this was also widely reported by news agencies.

Embarrassment at the expense of all the media

The mistakes play Trump and his campaign against the liberal media of the United States directly in the hands: every mistake and every premature message is the test for the President and his followers that the media work without respect for the truth.

A sensational relationship should therefore be taken with caution if it were spread by only one means. Only when this report is confirmed by additional sources on other media, agencies should redistribute it. Otherwise, a misfortune like that of BuzzFeed will be repeated at the expense of all the media.

On Twitter, Donald Trump enjoys slaughtering the embarrassment of BuzzFeed: the media will not be easy to restore their credibility after having treated him badly for more than three years from the election campaign, such as the nefarious Buzzfeed story and even more shameful reports shown. (Tamedia editors)

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