Watch: the latest Corona virus statistics in Arab countries


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The Corona virus continues its widespread scan in several Arab countries and Reuters announced in its statistics that the number of infections in Arab countries in the Persian Gulf has exceeded the 100,000 mark.

The countries that are witnessing the most frequent presence of the epidemic are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In Saudi Arabia, which is at the forefront of those countries for the number of injured, the number of deaths in it has risen to about 250 cases, while the injured have exceeded 59 thousand .. followed by Qatar with over 22 thousand and 500 cases, then the United Arab Emirates with more than 18 thousand and about 200 deaths, and Kuwait where about 600 new cases of the virus have been announced, bringing the number of registered infections to about 9,300 thousand. On Saturday, Kuwait announced the implementation of the total ban in the country until the end of this month.

In Iraq, the number of injured has decreased, but out of fear of a second wave of the outbreak, the Ministry of Health announced that it was studying the option of a global curfew in case the rate of Corona infections continues as the present time.

In Lebanon, the Ministry of Health announced in its daily report 14 new cases of Coronavirus, which brings the cumulative number to around 860, amid alarms of a second wave of epidemics if social health laws are not respected.

In Morocco, the Ministry of Health announced that the number of HIV infections in the country has risen to over 6,220.

In Egypt, the Ministry of Health announced that the total number of injured has risen to 9,000, in addition to 525 deaths. Despite the steady increase in the number of injuries, the Egyptian government has extended the application of mitigation measures, such as precautionary measures and curfews, which started the first month of Ramadan to its end.


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