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War of Syria – Israeli airstrike to Iranian elite troops – Foreign Policy

Air attacks in Syria! The Israeli army launched attacks on military camps at night. The goal: the Al-Kuds Brigade of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, an elite unit of the Islamic mullahs regime.

Syrian armed forces triggered an alarm at night, using anti-aircraft guns of Russian design ("Buk", "Pantisr").

The peculiarity this time: Israel publicly announced the attack – via Twitter message. Linked to a message to the Syrian armed forces: "We are warning the Syrian army to attack Israeli units or territories".

Usually, the Israeli army does not comment on missions against enemy troops. During the civil war of about eight years, however, Israeli forces repeatedly air-raided Iranian units or terrorist groups in Syria.

Iran is massively supporting the regime of the dictator Assad with units of elites and thousands of Islamist volunteers. On the same side, the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah is fighting, and is strongly supported by Iran and Syria with weapons. Military experts believe that Israel has already carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria in recent years, in particular to prevent the delivery of heavy weapons or missiles to the Hezbollah Muslims.

In September, a serious accident occurred: at that time, the Syrian air defense shot down a jet of their ally Russia. Presumably, Assad's troops wanted to target real Israeli jets.

According to the "Jerusalem Post", on Sunday there had already been suspected flight movements in Syria: a Syrian transport car (type "L 76") had been hijacked by Iran, apparently for fear of possible Israeli attacks . A flight from Iranian mullah Mahan Air from Tehran to Damascus was also substantial. Civilian machines would also be used by Iran and Syria for arms transport.

On Sunday, Israel reported being hit by a rocket from Syria. Above a famous ski resort on Mount Hermon, the "Iron Dome" defense system intercepted a corresponding projectile. At the time of the bombing many families with children were traveling in the ski area.

Israel now looks forward to revenge actions by Syrian or Iranian units: near the border with Syria, the population has been asked for more vigilance, military instructions should be followed unconditionally. The Hermon ski resort will remain closed for now.

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