Walmart's latest Blockchain patent allows robots to deliver through the supply chain


U.S. the retail giant Walmart has asked the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to patent a blockchain system for deliveries, according to an official document released on August 30th.

The new patent aims to provide a technology for the management of "in-field" authentication of autonomous electronic devices "to enable safe deliveries.The patent specifies that" [i] n exemplary embodiments, two autonomous electronic devices, such as delivery drones or autonomous domestic robots, they can authenticate each other using forms of implementation of the safety procedures described here. "

The patent is titled" Systems, Devices and Methods for & quot; authentication in the field of autonomous robots "and was filed in January 2018 by Wal-Mart Stores Inc., based in Arkansas, the document describes a management system for multiple robots or drones delivering parcels throughout the supply chain The machines are designed to work on the basis of wireless signals that enable secure blockchain-based authentication of the identities of electronic devices. [19659002] According to the patent application, the implementation of the blockchain will be useful in the process of recording signals and authentication data, which is considered a primary target for hackers:

"Updates to the blockchain may include signals authentication or identification information and one or more nodes on the system can be configured to incorporate one or more updates in blocks to be added to the database distribution. "

Walmart has applied for a number of US blockchain patents in the last year.According to Investopedia, blockchain technology enhancement is mainly used by retailers to" help Walmart keep up with its rivals ", like Amazon.

Recently, Walmart has applied for a patent on systems and methods for managing smart devices via blockchain technology would allow users to customize access and control levels for devices such as devices laptops.

In mid-July, the retail giant patented the technology for a blockchain delivery management system that keeps items safely delivered until they are able to sign and withdraw them.

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