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Wake Up NEO – 20% Pump for the Chinese version of Ethereum

It was easy to overlook some of the encryption projects that have fallen from their highs and have been thrown away without much ceremony in the rankings of the market cap quest & # 39; year. Neo is one of these cryptographic assets, once at high altitude, it is now eighteenth, but seems to have just woken up.

& # 39; & # 39 Contineo; – let's continue

Just like all other cryptocurrencies, Neo has been mistreated this year. From a historical high of around $ 190 it has virtually collapsed to nothing, downloading over 95% this year. At the beginning of the year there were high hopes for Neo and even they were talking about overcoming Ethereum as an alternative platform of dApp.

The bears came out in force and a huge selloff caused even greater losses than Ethereum, which also suffered more than most of this year. Rather than focusing on prices, Neo developers have built and strengthened the network, just as they did with Ethereum. The founder of the Neo, Da Hongfei, even coined his sentence to reflect this; "ContiNEO" means "we continue to go".

He recently spoke with Forbes about Neo's latest developments and experiences with the DevCon 2018 in San Francisco;

"The first DevCon has had some success, it happened in San Francisco and about 600-700 developers participated, and it showed that NEO is already a very globalized community.Many developers participated and came from all over North America and 39. Europe Initially this was just a project developed by Chinese developers, so we were really pleased to see people involved from all over the world. "

The next DevCon will be held in Seattle in February. He went on to say that there is great attention to technology and to the project itself rather than to the market; "I think the market always reflects people's emotions and feelings, so I do not think it's a good indicator for the future health of the industry."

There are a couple of current developments for Neo that could be driving the current moment. The Neoland ecosystem, built around the cryptocurrency, will be launched soon, this seems to be a popular way of generating interest and increasing the adoption of tokens;

Neo is an ongoing project with a growing team and will undoubtedly survive the crypto winter. Today, more than 20% has risen to reach a maximum intraday of $ 8.77 before retiring slightly. Binance has most of the trading volume, which is currently around $ 200 million. Neo was previously one of the top ten for market capitalization, but it slipped to 18th with $ 550 million. A recovery for Neo is a given, the chronological scale and the next peak remain unknown.

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