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Wachsman investigation shows that Ireland's search for Blockchain workers is gaining a dark interest from the locals


Even with many Irish institutions of higher education leading them to introduce and encourage people to learn more about blockchain through formalized education, many Irish citizens do not seem interested in learning more. At least, this is the message transmitted by the statistics gathered from a new study.

Wachsman, a technology and public relations company recently announced the results of this survey that notes that although the blockchain industry urgently needs educated staff, about ¾ of the Irish population would not consider the idea of join a profession linked to the cryptocurrency universe.

Blockchain technology and Ireland

Ireland is one of the few countries in the world that has chosen to support the blockchain and the universe of cryptocurrency. In early 2018, the NUI or the National University of Ireland, which had published a survey on the need to adopt blockchain technology, had formally approached the national government in an effort to get it started to promote its use in the Irish Republic .

From the results of this new report, the figures indicate that only 40% of companies based in the Irish Republic have formally chosen to adopt this technology. According to the researchers, these figures are quite low as the country is currently listed at the 13th worldwide position in Bloomberg's latest Innovation Index.

The reason for this assessment is due to the fact that the country has an advanced IT infrastructure and very high productivity scores. According to David Wachsman, it seems that the situation in the country has not changed a bit, based on the results obtained from the last study.

David went on to say that it seems that people in this Irish republic still have to understand the many benefits that can be derived from the use of this technology. Some of the residents do not understand the broad nature of the blockchain technology and the many applications with which it has been associated.

Wachsman went on to say that it seems that the problems attributed to education are still present, as most of the people interviewed do not seem to be well informed about the role played by distributed register technologies and the way it works. The results of the Wachsman survey indicate that a lack of good understanding still seems to play a role in hindering mass adoption.

Of the one thousand people interviewed, fifty percent accused the lack of adequate education on issues related to this technology due to their reluctance to change career. Another ten percent of the respondents simply stated that they did not possess the skills necessary to change their careers.

David concluded by saying that there was the possibility that the republic could lag behind other countries when it came to the adoption of blockchain technology. Nevertheless, the fact that the country currently holds an advantage over its neighbors in terms of the government's willingness to adopt blockchain technology.

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