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Vitalik ends up leaving Ethereum speculations


At the recently held Ethereum (ETH) developer conference in Prague, MIT Technology Review had the opportunity to interview Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik explained in the interview the reasons why the network can be decentralized only after he has finished relying on him.

Vitalik Buterin was the unofficial "CEO" of the Ethereum project only at age 24 and he is proposing the creation of the project in 2013. However, he revealed that he needs to go a little bit into the shadows. The reason, to allow the community to grow to its potential in a more decentralized way.

Accused of leaving the project

From this interview, a Twitter user made it clear that he "fades" the words, it seemed like a good exit strategy. Very similar to Dan Larimer, who has left many cryptography and blockchain projects in the past.

In addition, Dan Larimer developed the technology behind Graphene which is feeding token Steem and Bitshares. In 2013, after starting BitShares, he left alone to start Steemit. And not too far in March 2017, he left Steemit. After this, he joined Block.one as CTO where he was successful with crowdfunding to create EOS. Dan remained the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of EOS.

The famous tweet that accuses Vitalik of his plan to exist came with a quick response right from him. In this way he denied all theories about his departure.

Will Vitalik take a back seat?

A question that is hunting for many enthusiasts and developers of Ethereum, if the network can survive without Vitalik. However, another Twitter user replied to the tweet above. He stated that human psychology may not accept this simple fact that an inspirational leader can leave.

Discrimination between Justin Sun and Tron Project

Justin Sun, Tron's CEO, has planned to sit down from the Tron project. This happened when the Super Representatives were elected to take care of all the network-related bugs. Yet, in an intelligent move greeted by many, he ran and won. He took one of the 27 seats of the Super Representatives of the Tron network. Also, communicate with this community via Twitter every day.

While we are analyzing Vitalik's response to the tweet, he is working on his plan to contribute to the project.

What are your thoughts on the idea of ​​Vitalik on the decentralized Ethereum network? Do you think Ethereum can survive without him? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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