Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum YOLOs, Transforms & # 39; Aether Giver & # 39; with $ 100,000 of ETH donation to Prysmatic Labs


The genius of the boy behind Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, he sent spontaneously 1,000 ether (ETH) – the equivalent of $ 102.950 – to a portfolio address belonging to Prysmatic Labs, a team of blockchain engineers is critical to any future success of the Ethereum network.

Promoting the generous donation from Buterin was, among all things, a Discussion on Twitter among (among others) him, SpankChain & # 39; s Ameen Soleimani and Prysmatic Labs & # 39; Preston Van Loon.

The talk originated from Mythos Capital & # 39; s Ryan Adam & # 39; s sharing a video uploaded today by one of the main cryptographic investment funds, Multicoin Capital. In the last stages of the video – a 46-minute conversation between Multicoin Tushar Jain is Fred Wilson – The well-known venture capitalist has expressed concern about the seemingly lethargic progress made by developers working to downsize the Ethereum blockchain.

They (the Ethereum Foundation) do not have enough money. They do not have enough developers. Their go-to-market strategy is non-existent. They do not behave like a company. "- Wilson

In discussing Wilson's evaluation of Ethereum at the time of the Multicoin summit in New York (ie, October 24thth), Soleimani shared "I agree" with USV co-founder, and that "Ethereum took its advantage for too long".

Having tagged Buterin in his comment (together with fellow co-founder of the Ethereum Foundation Joe Lubin), the Russian-Canadian programmer replied with the following tweet:

Following further discussion by various members of the crypto community, Van Loon added that "the greatest distraction of Prysmatic Labs … is that [the team is] continues to work full-time for other jobs. "Continue," even with recent concessions (Prysmatic Labs was granted $ 500,000 in mid-October), it's not enough to bring the entire team full-time with significant wage reductions and it's certainly not [enough] also for us to downsize the team where we need it. "

To this, Buterin replied with a late contender for the tweet of the year:

Always the man of the people, Buterin even had fun with others who invaded the discussion on Twitter, as seen below where he sent 100 teleportation tokens (TPT) to Daniel Goldman & # 39; s address.

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