Vitalik Buterin claims to have made the same mistake as Trump, Plus Ripple and XRP, Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, VeChain: Crypto News Alert


From the growth of Etalium creator Vitalik Buterin as a leader of Ripple's vision on the future of digital resources, here are some of the stories that open up in the world of cryptography.


The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot has unveiled its limited edition Bitcoin-themed clock. The timepiece celebrates the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin and costs $ 25,000 in BTC.

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In a new interview with Breaker, the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin states that one of the mistakes he made as a leader is similar to something that President Trump noted in his early days at the White House.

"One of the mistakes I made as a leader at the time was, in fact, the same mistake I noticed Donald Trump doing a while ago, if you remember the time when he was really in favor of blowing up Obamacare , and then Barack approached the White House. They talked for an hour and a half, and soon after, Trump said, "Oh my God, I would never have believed that health care could be like this complicated. "

But then, of course, after that it was not particularly [in favor of] trying to stop blasting Obamacare. The trait I think here is: to be in agreement with the last person you talked to. In reality it is very easy to do it if you have no experience. It took me about a year or so to figure out how to overcome it. "

You can consult the complete interview on Ethereum here.

Ripple and XRP

Ripple's managing director, Brad Garlinghouse, sat down for a chat with IMF colleague Ross Leckow at the Singapore Fintech Festival. The two focused on the need for regulatory certainty in the world of blockchain and cryptography.

"Regulatory clarity has a great ability to drive the digital asset and the adoption of blockchain It is surprising how many markets still have uncertainty, but in ASEAN, the regulatory environment for blockchain and digital resource technology is clear.

Several countries have contributed to this, including Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. In particular, Thailand has introduced a framework that balances consumer protection with innovation. Legalizes various digital assets, including XRP, and provides clear and explicit guidelines for making external blockchain companies work.

This clear regulatory environment facilitates the application of blockchain technology and digital resources to solve real business use cases, such as improving cross-border payments in the ASEAN region. The East Asian markets received $ 130 billion in incoming remittance payments only last year. They are expensive and the market is ripe for the adoption of new technologies, such as blockchain, to drastically reduce costs ".


Tron has just withdrawn its weekly update, covering the latest technical progress, community efforts and decentralized app development on the network.


Julie Maupin, director of social impact and regulatory affairs of the IOTA Foundation, will speak at the SAP 2018 Blockchain Enterprise Summit in Berlin.

SAP is the market leader in business application software, with over 388,000 business and public customers. Offers a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform for businesses, using Hyperledger Fabric and MultiChain.

Stellar and Wollo

Bitfinex has listed its first Stellar-based token.

Wollo (WLO) is designed to introduce the world's youngest generation in cryptography, giving children and families a digital piggy bank.

The portfolio itself is "managed by the parent and works as a secure portal, and allows parents to create a network of trusted family members, able to send funds to the child's environment as gifts, allowances and recurring rewards for the completion of tasks and chores. "


The Litecoin Foundation has appointed the official Litecoin payment processor CoinGate.

Since 2014, the company has grown with encryption, bridging the gap between merchants and crypto-hodlers who want to buy goods and services using Litecoin, Bitcoin and 50+ highlands.


VeChain has just released the latest episode of its new series "Deep Dive", designed to introduce the technical aspects of the platform.

The latest edition offers an overview of VeChain's enhanced transaction model.

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